Why Does Trump Always Get His Ass Kicked?

Why Does Trump Always Get His Ass Kicked?

so we need to have just like a very real and
honest conversation today about the reality that Donald Trump just always gets his ass
kicked internationally by everyone. And I don’t like it. And I want to know whether
you see it my way and whether this is something you’re concerned about and I’m not talking
about any kind of delusional. My framework for this is not some hyper nationalist. The
U s needs to always come out quote, winning at the expense of every other country. I want
us working together with the international community. I want to solve serious problems
in productive ways as as an alliance of countries. But what I mean is why is it that Donald Trump
is always the loser in negotiations, often negotiations. He shouldn’t be participating
in always the laughingstock, always the guy that the adults in the room often aren’t even
inviting into the room anymore because his presence is so pointless and counter-productive. That’s what I want to talk about today. It
is embarrassing that the president can’t stop getting his ass kicked day in and day out.
It’s boneheaded stupidity and I’m going to give you some examples. There’s lots of good
ones by the way, in a recent daily Co’s piece, which I recommend you check out by Lauren’s
Lewis, which was posted to our subreddit, Donald Trump, as an example, is now considering
jumping into a $15 billion French bailout of Iran. If Iran is willing to come back into
the Iran nuclear deal, a beat back in compliance with the Iran nuclear deal. There are people
so out of touch with reality that they see this as Donald Trump being the big strong
negotiator, but this is maybe the most ignorantly myopic view of international relations and
specifically of the Iran deal. Then I can imagine, remember Donald Trump bailed out
of the Iran nuclear deal even though Iran had been in compliance ever since the deal
was signed. It was an international embarrassment for
the United States to just not stick to our agreements without anyone else having violated.
Then why would we not stick to our side of the deal? The other countries, including France,
had to try at the [inaudible] to salvage what was potentially left. And one of the things
that they said was, okay, if the U S is out, we get that. It’s logical that you might try
to start a researching of nuclear technology and developing it and it could potentially
be used for weapons. Uh, what can we do to keep you in compliance? And of the things
they came up with was a $15 French, a $15 billion French bailout, which now Donald Trump
has Cuntis considering participating in because he wants Iran to be compliant with the nuclear
deal. This is only a conversation. This is only on the table because Trump bailed on
the nuke deal to begin with for no reason whatsoever. Just getting his ass kicked, getting it kicked
internationally. Another obvious example is North Korea. We’re going to talk more about
North Korea later on in today’s program. Trump is so desperate to be liked and so overconfident
in his negotiating skills that he doesn’t even realize that there’s this long history
of North Korean leaders manipulating the United States or trying to manipulate the United
States and Trump goes and meets with Kim Jong own no preconditions prenup, plenty of pompous
bluster comes out thinking that he negotiated some incredible deal that no one else has
been able to do, even though it was the same promises that the Kim family has been making
for decades. Claims Victory, and then of course nothing happens, and meanwhile, North Korea
nuclear and weapons development just keeps going on. Ballistics missiles, missile tests,
Trump getting his ass kicked internationally again. One more example, I think you’re getting
the sort of gist of it. The Chinese trade war, Trump thinks, I’ll
throw some tariffs at China, they’ll buckle down. The U s will win. However, he defines
that, nevermind that he doesn’t even understand how tariffs work. He doesn’t understand how
the U S China relationship works and China instead says, okay, you’re putting tariffs
on us. We’ll put tariffs on you. We’ll get our aluminum and our steel elsewhere. We’ll
make a deal with Russia for energy development and exploration. We’ll get our soil elsewhere
and Trump gets his ass kicked. Again, crushing farmers, crushing related industries. And
the world is just wondering, what is this guy doing? Why is he doing this? Could we
maybe not have a president getting his ass kicked weekly? And I’ve been very careful
when I make a comparison between Trump and George W. Bush. I don’t want to do it in any
way that suggest George W. Bush was anything other than a neo-conservative maniac with
terrible policies. Bush didn’t get his ass kicked in this way
internationally, weekend and week out. Bush made terrible policy decisions. I disagreed
with his moral framework, uh, based on, uh, a born again, Christianity or whatever it
was that he most recently ascribed to. Uh, he was a warmonger economically. I didn’t
agree with the guy, but he wasn’t getting his ass kicked in the boneheaded way that
Donald Trump is weekend and week out. Our historical allies are looking around wondering
what’s wrong with this guy? It’s not just that they disagree with the decisions or the
underlying policy. To the extent Trump has an underlying political philosophy, they just
can’t understand why he keeps doing the most boneheaded things to his own disadvantage.
And it’s reflecting extremely poorly on the United States. The world, you know, uh, the,
the trunk may have, uh, high approval among red state Republicans, 55 plus. I’m sure among that group, his approval rating
is off the chart. But the world is wondering how could Americans be so dumb and this is
the way they’re thinking about us now. How could they be so dumb as to have voted this
guy in, in the first place? We need to change that in November of next year. And I hope
that we will.

100 thoughts on “Why Does Trump Always Get His Ass Kicked?

  • When I recall that image of the Saudi Prince and Putin high fiving before the cameras – I understand exactly why Trump is a danger to the interests of the USA.

  • Well….
    Who ever is the NEXT president of the USA 🇺🇸 goin to be…
    He/She … will have a tough time, getting the US back on track …in the international community.
    Bush 2nd … was not that bad… and he was BAD 😜✌️😜
    Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

  • Wait until the Great Trump Economic Train Wreck. The sooner the better because we know it's going to happen… better near the end of his FIRST (and therefore ONLY) term, rather than early in a second term. That would be much more disastrous. Did you see Kim's recent video about an impending economic crash? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmRMRGLevbw
    The Fed is currently pumping over $100 billion to maintain bank overnight liquidity. This was apparently due to a surprise corporate run on banks to pay their quarterly federal taxes. And with corporate taxes much lower now, they are having trouble paying? Maybe that indicates a huge backfire with the tariff blunders of the Stable Genius Boy… "I alone can fix it" … Turns out he had a special meaning for the word "fix".

  • Hello David👋🏻 if you made videos that actually makes sense (videos based on facts not your feelings) that people with a higher IQ can appreciate, you may reach 100k views like a beginner youtuber lol


  • THE APPRENTICE was the turning point in the world of the Orange Snowflake. Mark Burnett helped perpetrate the lie about the super dealmaking powers of the Orange Sphincter. In reality, the Cantankerous Cantaloupe inherited his wealth from his father. And you don't need to have super dealmaking powers to do that. Between the bankruptcies, the scams and the refusal to pay off his loans, Comrade Donnie Babyhands now gets his money from the Russians because NO ONE ELSE WILL LOAN HIM ANY MORE MONEY. And his sons Beavis and Butthead were stupid enough to ADMIT THAT IN PRINT! I mean, how much work is it to be a trust fund baby?

    TURN BLUE IN 2020! Let's get a Democrat in the White House. Someone who took learning how to behave seriously. And someone who learned something about government, politics and economics.

  • Trump took the US out of the deal, right after he took office. If he had any brain cells, he would not have taken the US OUT OF THE NUCLEAR DEAL IN THE FIRST PLACE. ONLY BECAUSE HE THINKS HE CAN MAKE A BETTER DEAL. CLEARLY HE COMPLETELY FAILED AND NOW HE IS BELLY CRAWLING BACK. ALL BECAUSE OF HIS EGO. NOW LOOK WHERE WE ARE!!! Trump has done nothing but make horrible choices for our country. From his deregulation, getting rid of the clean water act. Now he wants to start bulldozing our National Forests.
    People who don’t know what Oklahoma went through during the dust bowl should take a good look at what happens when man f*cks with nature.
    DO YOU REALLY CARE MORE FOR TRUMP OR. DO YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR FAMILY?? Trump wants our armed forces to fight Saudi Arabia’s war for them. One of the richest countries in the world. They don’t have their own military???? HOW MUCH MONEY DID TRUMP SELL OUR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN FOR???? How much are these people in the United States Armed Forces worth?? Trump’s is sickening and totally OUTRAGEOUS. COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL.

  • Trying to take credit for trying to fix all the shit he broke. OMG. PLEASE MY FELLOW AMERICANS end this madness now:
    WRITE TO PELOSI AND NADLER TO TELL THEM YOU SUPPORT THEM 100%. THEN WRITE YOUR OWN REPS AND SENATORS AND TELL THEM THE SAME THING.  Instruct them to push back against the idiocy coming out of the WH. That's about 6 or 7 post cards. Too lazy to get off the computer and mail out six friggin' post cards? Then you deserve what we get when bone spur gets another 4 years. WRITE! And right now. Clicking "like" on youtube videos doesn't cut people.

  • I know this will create a big fight back but to be honest I believe that 90 % of Americans are horrible negotiators. I worked as sales man for an international European company for 20 years. We sold infrastructure projects world wide and I was especially quite often involved in projects in the Middle East. After a some time I was good friend with some of the clients and they told me in advance not to waste my company’s money and time and bid for certain projects because it was decided politically that these projects have to be realized by the Americans because they are counter trade for some weapons deal. This was something we could not compete with but as a matter of fact these were the only projects carried out by the American companies all other projects which were under free competition where won by European or Asian Companies. So your companies could only win when they offered some dictators additional weapons he less desperate to get his hands on. This is not good negotiation skills.

  • he does not have a long term strategy (although he criticize the limitations of the iran nuclear deal, TPP, NAFTA, he can't come up with something better). he does not really understand the multi faceted aspects of any issues. he is a mom and pap, fly by night, real estate dealer. he enters any negotiations without any preparations and does not even believe in hiring and relying on a team of researchers and policy writers. even late night talk shows have to rely on said teams working in the background to support the talk show hosts. so he is always in way over his ability.
    what's worse is he is voted in and supported by people who are not highly educated and needed to rely on and wrongly think they can rely on this individual #1, wrongly admiring even, his off-the-cuff, heavy on personality cult style of negotiation.

    man don't you wish for the obama years. obama had charisma too.

  • I know why! Seriously. I had a boss 100% like Trump. Lazy son of a wealthy family whose strength was his know how to deal with his kind and never being scare to be proven wrong because he knows how to cover up with enough people by subsidising them. Trump has probably lived that way all his life: whatever action he has taken were almost inconsequential, he could fail or succeed, he would be praised by enough people not to care much about the actual output. That's why he goes out and do so many useless stuffs, he only has the upside.

  • Donnie has made himself out to be the great negotiator in Art of The Deal, but his way of dealing with things is through power plays, intimidations, scare tactics, and law suits. He can no better negotiate than can a 3 year old trying to get extra cookies. Then again his mentality is not that much beyond a 3 year old.

  • That's simple. It's because throughout Trump's WHOLE history, his version of conducting business was to renege on deals, stop paying vendors and suppliers, declaring bankruptcies, and then lying to a stupid public that he's a great businessman. Nothing new here (to anyone that was paying attention to Trump's real history).

  • I don’t know one toddler who knows how to negotiate. His emotional IQ is so lacking. It’s so embarrassing for me as an American citizen. I’m wondering how long it will take for us to regain respect internationally. We are the laughing stock of the world.

  • Because he is an idiot and he paid someone else to write "The Art of the Deal". Trump has always had cronies who do all the work for him while he does nothing, and takes all the credit and any time he is personally involved, it's a disaster. It's always been true with his companies. He is a man child, who was shielded by his daddy his whole life. How do you not know this stuff David?

  • I'll Tell you why Trump is getting his arse kicked.
    It's because he's a moron, born into rich financial privilege who became POTUS only because he used VERY racist rhetoric which appeals to a lot of American people who are racists and who voted for him. The vast majority of WHITE AMERICANS ARE RACISTS which is odd because WHITE PEOPLE ARE IMMIGRANTS in America.

  • Because he is an Idiot, he doesn’t know anything. European want nothing to do with him. He is Toxic. And you american better wake up, before you all get your asses kicked.

  • trump is unfit to be a negotiator, that's because he is illiterate and ignorant that's why the world is laughing at his dumb ass and the United States.

  • His Fooled his Supporters into thinking he is the Art of the Deal. When Research shows it was a GHOST WRITER. They Chant while he ROBS and EMBARRASS this COUNTRY. I hope they will soon see that the SAME THING MAKES You LAUGH Will be the SAME Thing MAKE you CRY.

  • You wouldn't know anything about honesty if it hit you in the face! Trump doesn't get his ass kicked – he kicks ASS! Trump knows what he's doing. He bailed on the Iran deal because it was dumb to begin with, along with pallets of CASH in ransom money! Trump has won every deal he's negotiated and is going to take care of Iran! They're just pissed because Trump killed Obozo's bad deal and they know they're not getting more pallets of CASH in the middle of the night! They're going to get some bombs dropped on them and financially crippled. Wait and see, Soy Boy!

  • Trump is just a result of America's 'unique' type of Democracy. Possibly the most corrupt political system in the world. What choice did the voters really have? Trump or Clinton? They were doomed to look foolish whoever got elected. Trump is a lying buffoon who can not string a coherent sentence together. Hilary is a lying buffoon who can not string a coherent sentence together who would be at war with Iran already. Hard choice for any American voter. American Democracy does not work in America. It will not work in the middle east, it is time for a rethink of how America see's itself on a Global stage.

  • The reality is that Trump is not a moron, but just a normal guy. He mentally operates at the level of the average citizen, but he grew up to be a spoiled rich monster, disconnected from the real world, and that's a fatal combo for a president. Let's face it, the average Joe would not perform better. He would know nothing about foreign politics, the economic system or tariffs. He would on the other hand be less obnoxious and that would save him from making a lot of moronic decisions that Trump is making. Anyway, I don't think Trump is exceptionally dumb but any position of power, albeit a businessman, a TV show host or a President, combined with his obnoxious persona make him look like that. – If he would have grown up in a normal family and work in a factory or the army or whatever, nobody would notice the guy. (And he would be bald. Like a goddamn normal old man).

  • It was the cuck Obama that went on a worldwide apology tour after being elected in 2008. Irans lawmakers often chant "Death to America" in parliament and Obama releases $150 billion to them and then a reported $1.7 billion in cash for the release of 4 hostages. Obama also shut down Project Cassandra, a years long DEA investigation into Hezbollahs billion dollar crime syndicate responsible for trafficking cocaine into the US. An 8 year investigation from a top secret DEA facility in Virginia was squashed by Obama so not to disrupt the Iran nuclear deal being negotiated. Obama traded 5 top Taliban generals from Guantanamo Bay for the POS traitor Bowe Bergdahl who went AWOL, willing walking off his his command outpost in Afghanistan. For 8 years North Korea and China went unchecked allowing them to expand their military, advanced weapons technologies, and ability to disrupt through cyber attacks because Obama never went to the table to negotiate because he was weak. He knew it and so didnt our enemies. In Syria, in attempt to overthrow Assad, Obama brokered deals with Al-Nusra, factions of Al-Quada, , and other terrorist groups by funding, training, and weaponizing them. Under Obama with Hillary as Sec of State, she approved the deal selling 20% of US Uranium to Russia,. Oh, and at the very same time the Uranium One deal happened the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in donations from Russian Oligarchs with ties to Uranium One and the Kremlin. Obama got his ass kicked all over the world stage because of his repeated foreign policy failures that he brokered. Pacman knows Obama got his ass kicked. He also knows he can easily cover for the failures of the Democrat party and Obamas treasonous actions because his audience has been so dumbed-down by the main stream media and propagandists like himself. The democrat voter base doesnt care about any of the impeachable and possible treasonous actions by Obama or the criminal activity by democrats, they want Trump impeached for obstructing justice for a crime he never committed. The good thing is, Trump Derangement Syndrome is no longer spreading because many people are waking up to the lawlessness of the democrat party and the radical agenda the presidential candidates have put on full display during the debates. But the ones that do have TDS, well, they need help

  • In Europe we laugh our ** off when we even see him. Most Europeans respect Americans, but not the president and that's why he looses negotiations; we don't take him seriously, nor do our politicians…… And people who are not taken seriuosly, have no chance on being succesfull.

  • As a European I can tell you this. There was a consensus that American's are not the brightest people all though they are well meaning. Now the consesus is American's must be pretty dum to have voted this man child in.

  • as a cannadian, i wonder how such an idiot could make it to the highest office.. im truly amazed. i feel for you guys.

  • Trump is used to having tons of money as leverage. Without that crutch he isn’t able to sell and market his horrible ideas. He is more of a marketing and reality tv show gimmick rather than a strong business man. Kinda like being disappointed that a one hit wonder has a trash album.

    Winning the election and the promise of the Wall was his hit. But he never had the foundation to govern. All of his energy was put into getting elected and then he lost real motivation.

  • If you want a visual representation of how Trump's brain tracks logic and reason, blow up a balloon and let it go. The path that it takes is analogous to Trump's thinking.

  • david friend talk is easy u are replete of shit u lack of knowledge or reality smoking weed is not healthy thing to do make u delusional


  • God this is a deep state propaganda ytube program full of braindead believers in your own destruction viva your banana republic but dont fotget to continue to pay for Israel.

  • David, the meteorologists say a Tweet Storm may be brewing after this. 😉

    Agree 100%! Also, the Republicans in his "Adminstration" are ALLOWING it. They don't realize how pathetic this makes them look.

  • First Trump is a moron.
    Second he's looking for love in all the wrong places.
    Like he said he fell in love with Kim, and perhaps Putin.
    HES FATHER showered him with money, but no love.
    What a jerk

  • Look who he has successfully conned in his life: bankers, real estate owners, contractors, the bottom quartile of the American public. Banker (eventually) caught on. Many Americans have caught on…

  • He thinks he is really socute to the point that he acts immature and infantile. He thinks he can bully and bluster to get his way and doesn't bother to consider all facets of a situation or possible aspects of a move that he makes . He doesn't act like he even believes in reality, for example…in physics where for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In fact to him Energy is the ability Not To do work- but golf instead. When rational thought is ridiculed and your only loyalty is to your ego then that is a recipe for disaster. You commentators are even being sucked into this new improved, kinder and more thoughtfully intelligent Trump . Talk about naive, we haven't quite reaped the whirlwind of consequence of all his malignant actions yet from bad decisions made.. They are simply postponed until after the Election is over. This is the Devil's smokescreen and it is sad to see intelligent thinking people l admire being gradually sucked into his realm of influence by the wishfulness of their thinking. Snap out of it ! Replay the 4 years of this Administration to recall how the same Damien is cunningly and calculatedly pulling the wool over the eyes of the gullible under the tutalege of the Oligarphs who are directing his actions now to win the Election.The only reason he's listening to them currently, even reluctantly, is for the prize ……your money and mine consequently and the Oligarph' s bribe money. The only good defense is a good offense.

  • It's easy to manipulate Trump: just tell him, "you're the greatest 'stable genious' ever existed" and he'll end up shining your shoes.

  • Trump is a failed businessman bailed out by his dad Fred Trump! When he doesn't get his way cries and blames others for his ignorance, then goes home with his tail between his legs

  • Donald Trump is the kid whom you used to share your toys with, but when you got your toys, back it was either broken, burned or even smashed with a hamer!

  • Simon Sinnek would be it as Trump thinks he's playing a finite game that he can have a definite win in. World affairs is not a finite game with any sort of win condition. This is an infinite game where the rule change, the players change, the resources change, and nobody ever wins. It's never over. 

    Trump's idea of winning is having his ideas implemented, but his ideas suck. The world stage laughs at his ideas. The rest of the world thinks he's a lunatic and prefer not to negotiate at all with him. They're not in it to meet some imaginary or arbitrary win condition; they're in it for the well-being of their own country.

  • Wait a minute… If Trump putting tariffs on China means that China will get all their stuff from Russia, Russia is benefitting from this China thing. Again with Russia, Trump???

  • Because it he was NEVER a deal maker, ALL of the people around him did that dealing and thinking! as long as it MADE him look good. Remember he said it himself, he surrounds himself with ONLY THE BEST, yeah right! HELL, he can't even READ! he can CON and spew crap out, but that's it!

  • As a European, sadly, I can confirm that America's become beyond the laughing stock of every politically literate person and people. Boris Johnson is going to give Trump a run for his money, though. But as far as Britains go, they are very vocal about thinking that Johnson's an idiot, it's obvious that they don't want him anywhere near parliament. With Trump and Americans, that's not so clear. People over here can't wrap their heads around what y'all seeing in this guy.

  • Trump has many ongoing issues. These issues are not a normal persons issues! All of his issues are based upon his not being able to read and write and its builtin illiteracy!

  • David as always a very insightful and honest appraisal of the loser who calls himself America's President. His reputation and therefore America's reputation is at an all-time low internationally. He came out of the deal with Iran purely to spite Obama.

  • 😂
    OH I like David. It's just that I don't think he understands what is going on… You won't be able to change Trump winning the election if you think what he did with Iran was him "getting his ass kicked"… Democrats never seem to learn especially when they're getting their ass kicked. I kinda wish Yang wasn't running so they can get their ass kicked again. So much ass kicking it almost sounds like an argument.

  • Ok constructive criticism. Politics isn't about doing the things that make sense. If you keep underestimating trump and dismiss the things you don't understand for weakness you won't win. Period. Trump is smart. He's the one sitting in the oval office. Keep saying he is stupid and you'll never understand why he will beat you again. Disclaimers, I'm fairly confident Yang will get the nomination and Beat Trump. If by some crazy miracle someone else gets the nomination, be read for another four years of trump, because I dont think democrats like David learned anything….

    I kinda wish Yang didn't run, maybe then democrats would level up their game.

    If you feel like I'm talking hor air, drop me a comment asking specifically what you want. No anger please, I'll answer happily.

  • International only means, hey would you like some money, here you go… You think them people give that money to the people of their country hell no..!! Foreign aid, is just pay for pay collusion, way worse than anything Trump never did..!!

  • It's SIMPLE…he's a moron. His ego problems with other mental issues also makes him incapable of being able to function like a sane, logical human being. His "abilities" have yet to be revealed. I doubt any exist.

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