What Is Night Blindness?

What Is Night Blindness?

Night blindness might sound like an exaggerated condition I mean, it’s kinda hard for anyone to see in the dark But it’s real and it can be caused by any number of things That affect the complex mechanics of your vision The inside surface of your eye is the Retina And it’s mostly made up of two kinds of sensory cells, rods & cones Rods simple detect light allowing you to see in shades of grey While cones work together to provide color vision Night blindness, officially known as Nyctalopia, is any condition that interferes with the functioning of your rods which makes it difficult for your eyes to detect light In most cases with nyctalopia a person’s vision is pretty normal in bright or modern conditions, but in low light their vision is so weak that it approaches actual blindness. But night blindness isn’t considered a disorder on its own it’s a symptom of other conditions that either hinder light from reaching the rods or impair their function. For example cataracts cloudy areas that form in the lense of the eye can block or bend life providing the rods from detecting it properly And because rods are mostly found around the edge of the retina Anything that changes the shape of the eye or the direction of the light entering it, can affect the night vision. This includes some form of nearsightedness or the effects of some vision correcting surgery or medications or disorders that affect the pupil of the eye Also you rods only work because they contain a light-sensitive protein called rhodopsin and your body can’t make rhodopsin without vitamin A so nightblindness can also be caused by a vitamin A deficiency Many orange foods like carrots and cantaloupe and dark greens such as kale or spinach are very rich in vitamin A So treatment for nyctalopia can range from improving your nutrition to getting prescription eyeglasses to surgery so as you can see night blindness is for realzies Thanks for asking and thanks to specialitors subbable subscribers who keeps these answers coming If you have a quick question, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or in the comments below and don’t forget to go to youtube.com/scishow and subscribe!

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  • Please do an episode of PVST( paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia) I was recently diagnosed and would love seeing an episode explaining more about it

  • we call it chicken's dimsight or rabun ayam here and it is pretty much common for older men here to have it even without cataract

  • The rhodopsin in the rods is broken down by bright light, when the bright light is absent it takes from 5 to 30 minutes in the dark for the rhodopsin to reach a level for producing good nerve signals.  Color vision is on all the time, but useless in the dark as it is not as sensitive as adjusted night vision is. This explains why it is possible to detect dim colors (say, the red blinking lights of an airplane in the night sky), even when night vision is in use.

  • Did you know it's believed that pirates wore eyepatches to help their eyes adjust more quickly when they went below decks?

  • @Nimiety327, +Lttlemoi, @RikoLime , +Dawn Fry, @Jeffery Liggett . It sounds a lot like "Irlen Syndrome". Google it. It's a type of light sensitivity presenting itself in various ways – one of those is making night driving very difficult. I have it and am  affected at night to the point of arriving with a headache. I never leave the house without sunglasses in the daytime, even when it's overcast and dim (all I see is glare). I should be wearing tinted lens, but can't afford it until mid Feb.

  • I remember I had night blindness while I was locked up in a Soviet gulag. Luckily I was able to escape. I had to travel all the way through Mongolia and Tibet to India! Boy was my feet tired!

  • I've had (something similar to) this happen to me once. It was only one eye, but I couldn't see at all with it in the dark for the entire night.

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  • I was really excited to watch this video, as I have Retinitis Pigmentosa and was hoping that this video would educate and inform those unaware of night blindness. Sadly, no. I would love to see another better-researched video on this topic, as this is very important for people to understand. Of course, night blindness is a symptom of Retinitis Pigmentosa, so I was not expecting a debrief on that specific disability, but your explanation of night blindness was mediocre, at best. Also, Vitamin A does not restore vision. It helps to maintain it. That is why I take Lutein pills and fish oil pills every day. Disappointed. I expected better.

  • Glad you answered this… They asked me at MEPs and I was like… Ummmm I've never heard of that so I suppose no. hahaha

  • I recall reading in a piloting manual that night blindness is also one of the first symptoms of oxygen starvation. Apparently the light sensitive cells of our retinas are the biggest oxygen consumers in our whole body. Every time a retina cell fires it uses up an oxygen atom, so if your blood isn't fully oxygenated your night vision will dim.

  • I had cataract when i was born I was completely blind. But at the age of 3 I had my eye lens removed from my 2 eyes. Now i see well.
    my lft eye sees very well and my right eye sees good only when there is good lighting. in poor lighting, Left eye manages to give me a clear vision but in the right one, i see wired stuff like strobes and stuff. So can anyone tell me whats going on? THX

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  • I experienced temporary night-blindness and a permanent reduction in my night vision due to taking Accutane (isotretinoin) for acne. And that is a high dose of what is essentially vitamin A. too much of a good thing can be harmful as well (but I don't regret it. I had really bad, painful acne)

  • How does a person get heterochomia eyes? I have two specs in my left eye that are brown while the rest is blue and the other eye is blue. No one in my family has the gene.

  • If rods help you see in low light and need vitamin A… Carrots really help? He even said they were rich in vitamin A! 😀

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  • Newsflash:  Carrots, cantaloupe, and kale, etc., don't contain any vitamin A.  They contain beta-carotene, which requires normal thyroid hormone levels and zinc in order to be converted to vitamin A.

  • http://www.businessinsider.com.au/biohackers-created-eye-drops-that-enhance-night-vision-2015-3
    news of some new night vision eye drops but i don't get how it works.  
    SCISHOW please do a piece on it and tell me how it works please!!! 

  • Do people with night blindness have difficulty watching movies that are very dark (like most modern action movies, they always seem to have a lot of dark scenes) or playing videogames which are very dark (like horror games)?

  • QQ: How to explain that my eyes sometimes just turn off? I mean when I get really tired everything becomes blurry, I feel that I physically cannot focuse on anything for a minute or two though normally I see things perfectly well.

  • One question why does genetics play a factor in ability to see, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness?

  • My mom’s friend is night blind so she tries to not drive at night. I remember going out of town with her and my mom and she couldn’t drive home because she couldn’t see. I am not sure what else is wrong with her eyes but not I am curious to as her next time I visit.

  • I'm mildly nearsighted and moderately night blind. i can't drive at night and i typically use a nightlight in case i need to get up in the middle of the night. dim light is a bother too. i will get irritated in dim light because i have a hard time seeing. I'm best with bright overhead lighting at most times.

  • I know this is old and all, but carrots don't have vitamin A, they have b-caroten, you need another component to form vitamin A, those you can find on the green things he showed, so to have vitamin A you hava to eat all the things that were shown on the video, not only one.

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  • I have excellent night vision. Can see well enough to get around walking the county side only with star light and no moon out. Yes thats in the country where these is no artificial lights about at night because thats where I live.
    When the moon is out I can see colour in all except the shadows and see almost as much detail as day.

    The funny thing is Im slightly near sighted but those effects of near slight only appear in moderate lighting, like over cast days or well lit indoor/outdoor with artificial lighting, driving at night with street lights and reflective signs. They are too bright in contrast to of the surroundings and over saturates my vision kinda like high beams in your face.

  • Why do bags form under my eyes when I get tired? BTW i wrote this at 1:08 AM so im generally curious.

  • I'm nearsighted, and the worse my vision has gotten (I'm currently at -3.25 in both eyes), the worse my nightblindness gets. I typically don't use a nightlight because it gets too bright for me to sleep at night, so I've just learned how to navigate my room and house in the blind.

    The really annoying part, though, is that nearsightedness often brings light sensitivity with it, too, so I get blinded easily. I can't go outside without my sunglasses when it's sunny, but only during the summers. The soft nordic winter sun doesn't bother me.

    Thanks for this video, it helps me understand my shitty vision a bit better!

  • Can glasses cause cataracts? Somehow my glasses were foggy since day one (humid summer) and every cleaning only smudges it, with or without solution. I wear them constantly. On occasions where I take them off, I see the smudges still imprinted on my vision. I'm nearsighted, by the way. They're definitely the result of glasses, but if they aren't cataracts, what are they?

  • No shit night blindness is real you 🍑 🎩 and it fucking sucks and can't be corrected if you're born that way I've tried most people just adjust at night I see nothing but feel and hear everything it's like mutant senses when I go blind

  • My eye doctor said one of my eyes was a different shape.. they said one was a football shape and one was more round. would that cause nightblindness? You said things that change the shape of eyeballswould, but I can actually see pretty well at night..

  • Just FYI, as someone who is night blind, I didn't see this mentioned anywhere, but I also can't see nearly as many stars in the sky, even in optimal conditions (We found out I was actually night blind because my entire family and I went to a meteor shower and I saw exactly 0 meteors).

  • There is more than one kind of night blindness. The kind I have makes me too sensitive light. When there are no oncoming vehicles I see normally but when there are the light over powers my vision. The lights produce huge bright halos and spikes of light. I cant see the lines in the road on the side the lights are on and can barely see them on the other side of the road. Even lit road signs make it difficult to see.

  • night blindness cure only in Pakistan , if u want Help then stay wid me I will give no no of owner of vision foundation Mr Akram Lodhi

  • Sir my grand father has night blindness and my sight was 5.5 and 5 and i was unable to see in nights( without lights )so how can i reduce this is there any treatment for this pls reply sir ur reply means a lot

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