Vigilance Elite – Shoot, Move, and Communicate on NVG’s

Vigilance Elite – Shoot, Move, and Communicate on NVG’s

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  • What an amazing and awesome video. Watched it various times before commenting. Communication is KEY! I am so glad both were able to give your perspective on running and gunning. Most video playing amateurs think that Running and Gunning is what it is all about. When it's not. Foot to heel movements… and walk it out. Always keeping my head on swivel. Keep up the great work!

  • Awesome video!
    What kind of animal are you running through the suppressor 300 aac? Or 556? Do you actually go subsonic? Or higher velocity and higher energy?

  • Awesome video. Great learning points! Whats the music at the beginning of the video (the Japanese war drums-style music)?

  • Does the camera or NOD's pick up muzzle flash out of the suppressors where the human eye wouldn't?   Isn't one of the main benefits of a suppressor that it hides muzzle flash?

  • There is a newer color NV out. However I don't think they have them in NODs yet.

  • Got NVG’s thinking it’d make me the coolest dude around. Chicks don’t like to converse with me at the bar when I wear my helmet setup and usually I get kicked out and called a fuckin weirdo. Its really hurt my game with the ladies. What am I doing wrong?

  • That was sloppy as fuck. You go up against some SAD or Chechens who know how to fight and fight dirty ur gonna get ur assses handed to you

  • Best explanation on how to shoot and move under NVG I've seen as of late… Keep them coming also got to get into one of your sold out classes. Keep up the awsome work.

  • Question is this next navy seal man the same man that is a motivational speaker? I saw a website but even though the same name he sounds so different looks 100% different and i understand facial hair can be there or not. But voice is so different. Its like totality different person? But with same name and ex navy seal, so how can that be?

    His eyes look different. His cheeks and brows look different.

    Im so confused never saw that.
    I mean a young brat pitt still looks like the older pitt now you can see he is older but eyes are the same. Voice mostly too.
    So how can the man here in this video sounds so different and look so different if he is that same guy?

    Site is froglogic.

    Hope you can help and this video was great. Thank you.

  • Im not familiar with guns so please if this is dumb question im sorry.
    But i see lasers in this video as i see them in the show called seal team.
    So do the bad guys dont see that green laser too?

    Or is this only used for training and during missions you arent using the green laser?

    Or what is it for my guess would be to see where you are aiming at.
    But again that would make it visible to bad guys?

    Hope you can explain.

    Greetings from holland!!


  • As a ex navy guy I have the UTMOST respect for you guys. Keep the awesome videos coming. Thank you for everything you've sacrificed and continue to sacrifice!!!!

  • Unfortunate that all these types of guys spent their time, energy and lives fighting Islam supposedly trying to prevent it from spreading to the west only to be conquered by an unlikely enemy….liberal globalist open borders multiculturalist political ideology. Spawned in the very west you fought to protect I might add. Sad isnt it.
    What this western liberal ideology has done for Islam in a span of a few short years, Islam has been unable to do for itself in hundreds of years, although it has mercilessly and relentlessly tried. Radical Islamic society has spread to the upper reaches and northern most borders of Europe. Its across the whole damn continent raping and killing infidels. Facilitated by the liberal globalist western governments themselves. The gates were opened and red carpets rolled out for them. What a stab in the back. All your efforts were in vain because of retarded liberals in your own beloved countries.

  • Love the methodology and clear concise information in all these instructional videos.Slow,Safe,Deliberate,Check,Confirm and MAKE SURE,MAKE DAM SURE before firing etc So sound simply excellent.

  • hey brother, would love to see a combat stress style exercise. seeing what tactics you use in real life scenario as well as the medical side of it, treating injuries self aide style, just to see what the team guys prefer. awesome videos and can't wait for more boss man!

  • Do you have classes for this type of thing? I enjoyed the training I received before being deployed although it was not as advanced as this but none the less, I would enjoy it again as I respect the hard work and discipline it takes to perform at such a level.

  • I always find the theory of squad/team tactics fascinating. This knowledge is invaluable thanks for sharing a glimpse of some of the tactics you employed in the teams.

  • Just a thought, you could leave an alibaba special flashlight pointed downrange each time you bound back to give you light cover they're dirt cheap :,searchweb201602_2_5024916_10065_10068_318_319_317_10696_450_10084_10083_10618_452_535_534_10304_533_10307_10820_532_10821_10302_204_10059_5728615_10884_323_10887_100031_320_321_322_5728515_10103_448_449,searchweb201603_35,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=126209c9-6724-4bd5-8e22-467faaf3caf1-3&algo_pvid=126209c9-6724-4bd5-8e22-467faaf3caf1&transAbTest=ae803_5

  • I'm really happy you guys are inspiring others to better themselves. I would love to see what David is like bored and in the middle of nowhere on an op, he seems like the type that knows all the really good dirty jokes.

  • As a guy who mainly has time behind a PVS-14 (I've messed around with duals but never for very long), are dual-tubes worth the price jump?

  • I wanted to purchase Pvs14. I need your pro advise please. Which would you get?

    1- L3Insight EOTech AN/PVS-14 M914A Night Vision Monocular White Phosphorus


    2 -Armasight PVS-14 FLAG Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular NAMPVS1401F9DA1

  • former 0311 here, when i was in we only had the one toilet paper roll to look through, deployment sucked, youd be walking through a field and guys would literally just drop strait down. cant count how many times i fucking stepped into a hole. moving around fallujah wasnt so bad, you learn how to account for stairs and curb lips and all that but damn those fields…..

  • Oh god its so refreshing to see rut combat operational. Good god that guy was annoying the living shit out me.

  • The military says 2 different things 1st is wrong. 1 shoot, move, communicate & the 2nd cadence which is correct. shoot communicate move on out. It's shoot, then communicate, so you dont move into friendly fire, then move.

  • Really informative video. Great advice for people with not combat exp(me) slow down and think not just run aroud shooting like a fucking moron. Communication and weapon control are the most important things!!

  • Much more of this content please. This is pretty much the only video on youtube that talks through moving and communicating under nods. Give us More!

  • Hey another guy whos left handed with long guns about time. But i am right handed with handguns. I think i dont have a dominant eye? A buddy at work showed me how to see whats what and it was right for handguns. I still use stock right handed rifles tho. One thing i might add to my rifles tho is a ambi mag drop. Idk i grab the current mag when i already have a mag in it. Gotta use that dump pouch.

  • This is why Hollywood is never gonna make night combat scenes that look realistic… let's be honest here : a bunch of guys walking around muzzle up checking everywhere to make sure to avoid friendly fire and screaming "MOVE!!!" every 10 seconds looks very silly XD

  • Man I would love to hang out with you guys when I get back from this deployment haha!. These are some great pointers and explained thoroughly. It's definitely a perishable skill, and it's best to practice this sort of thing as often as you can to maintain a tactical mindset. Just started following, and I gotta say I have a really deep appreciation for your videos and what you have to put out. Thank you!

  • Shoot, move and communicate. I always took those words seriously when I was in the Army. I really enjoyed training like this and learned so much. Communication is really key, and like they say, slow it down, We always used to say smooth is fast and fast is smooth.. basically exactly like Shawn says. Rushing around is a recipe for disaster. Smooth is fast.

  • Can you aim through a Red Dot Scope or Iron sights with NVG’s on, or do you HAVE to have a IR laser or a laser in general. Never been in that circumstance.

  • when you clear caves with NVG's and hit your head so hard the pain of a thousand legos shoots through your brain and gives you a migraine for the next 3 days

  • Man would be nice to have the means to do all the fun stuff, probably just be a light for me for a long time but hey better than nothing

  • Minus the NVGs this is still an example of why the military is more equipped to deal with modern threats. The average Academy trained Police officer put in a school shooting situation doesnt have a clue about tactical movements, cover, concealment, etc. It's sad that the US unlike most countries has such a separation of our military forces in every day life. Imagine how effective they would be vs crime. Just an opinion of an ex 95B.

  • OMG.
    If I were 200 yards out, camouflaged, in the prone position (you know, this thing the military used to teach where you lay flat on your stomach?) with a night vision sight, zeroed to my weapon, you'd all be dead.
    Moving around out in the middle of nowhere without cover? Really? You guys are all sniper bait.
    I thank god I was trained old-school by Vietnam Vets (At places like the U.S. Army's Jungle Warfare School in Panama). We basically lived in the prone position, behind cover at all times.
    You can't reinvent gunfighting. All this stand around/kneel around with body armor doesn't work for the average prepper/Survivalist. The military has 15 min. access to the best trauma care in the world (and for Public Affairs, they don't care about missing limbs. Only KIA's). We can't afford to operate like that.

  • A video on those battle helmets, what to look for, features, pro vs. cons, how to set them up would be fucking awesome.   Outstanding video gentleman.

  • Shawn, thanks for all the real talk in your videos. If you edited small fuckups out it wouldnt be near as good lol. Did you design your logo?

  • Great information! The most annoying part of using night vision for me was depth perception. Tripping over all kinds of shit like a dummy…

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