The Anunnaki Made Humans Reptilian Alien Hybrids Proof RH Negative Blood Type

The Anunnaki Made Humans Reptilian Alien Hybrids Proof RH Negative Blood Type

in the home there are many different Orjan phiri’s
health or its negative but I if do more do more do do dreams code the Co in in in the the %uh in car in and 0 on %uh %uh on %uh %uh on on %uh bust %uh on I’ll %uh the are the 0 the v well %uh the me me the me the vol lol home mom you woman done I’ll home well uni E I’m said 0 doll world up 0 %uh %uh dreams that %uh %uh the %uh %uh %uh things %uh %uh %uh %uh well %uh I’ll did the main phiri’s for Thor each negative
blood type origins can in many cases be combined with other
phiri’s this is completely RPS with the on
anarchy phiri in the ripped chilean alien hybrid phiri
summer tho nah nah key statutes that have been fam sure reptilian alien humanoid if the on
anarchy were ripped Ilian race the Beastie phiri’s can be combined into
one if there are no no key where the Fallen
Angels this fear it could be combined with the
on anarchy phiri and perhaps the reptilian serious well some people might believe that their
late teens were on anarchy so they would combine the spirits to many people believe that the crew Magnum were from the lantus so the atlantis in crew Magnum phiri’s could be combined
if anyone believes this to be the case some people believe that the Neandertal
support the net mom and therefore these people would
combine the Fallen Angel Piper phiri with Neandertal hairy the complete
officer have this is people who believe that the
Neandertal with the original is for lights so they
we combined the Israel I & Grill he respected me in your
tall very others believe that the crew magnin or the original answer lights it so they would combine the cro-magnon very
with this rely and the crew phiri’s there are other
people that believe is for light were mixed race and therefore the fallen angel fairy
would combine with Israel I in group series choose from the six samples it should be rather obvious love how
confusing the spirit the scam become the only
thing that we know for certain is that a mutation has taken place
imagenes the or each negative looks like people
whether this change was evolutionary occurred from
cross-breeding between humans and aliens or due to genetic manipulation from
aliens or God his anyone’s yes at this point all of the phiri’s are merely conjecture but hopefully one day soon we will have
the answer to your question about that origins at
the Rh negative parts I

77 thoughts on “The Anunnaki Made Humans Reptilian Alien Hybrids Proof RH Negative Blood Type

  • I could not get thru more than 4 minutes of this video… aliens… really?  Just look up the word Nephilim… (what the Annunaki really were), and what it really means… that is if you want the truth.

  • We humans made up the word "God" or "gods". The big bang is another thing that we made up, in reality the Universe did not have a beginning. God is   "Consciosness" is that simple. We made up all the religious books to try to give an  explanation to many lost questions.  The Bible states very clear that "We were created in their image". Clear and simple.. We were created by conscious beings just like us , but the difference between them and  Us is that they had the ability to create matter. We lost that ability as soon as We became humans. They never became humans that's why they never lost that knowledge. That's why the bible say that We were created in their image and likeness, because we are just like them but they had the ability to take their consciousness to another  level where they could think and create solid matter…all this by using their vibration…When We humans die our consciousness separates from our bodies, then our consciousness travels to other dimensions or vibration. If you got knowledge you will be able to elevate yourself and receive more knowledge and even create your own reality. But if you did not get any knowledge you will not get elevated, you will go down. SO you will have to come to earth and do everything  again and again until you learn  "Knowledge". Knowledge is Power. The knowledge that they had from the start never had a beginning(As humans perspective), but continues forever.   They don't know what is to be a human but We do, that's what makes us different but our likeness is in our consciousness that never ends. What happen if you never were a human, would you understand the human condition? If We humans talk about aliens a lot, the aliens will become real. Our Consciousness is very strong when is united as One… The Universe is Mental. I don't think that they created us to be their slave but to work hard to get "Knowledge " that leads to freedom. The book of Thoth says that Knowledge is Light and We must become free from the bondage of the body. The body is the bondage.  How about  the evil things in the world? The evil things are created by us and by low vibration. If you have a low vibration you will never be elevated until You learn "Knowledge".

  • yes we are the children of the fallen angels,the blood of cain our mark is an extra bone in the spine sometimes six fingers and six toes, Cain father was the angel samael,that is why god dislike him and choose abel of course they were both eve childrens but it seems the the had some kind of an orgy and eve consived of two fathers this is very possible,cain was the first born because he was stronger 


  • Great comment in between a lot of trash talker, who should rather keep on watching shit like searching for the country superstar than waste time on an seriouse subjekt like this…their brain cells are just not enough to catch on it at this time,but no worry they will sooner or later too when time is ready for their low level !

  • I hold the Key of what appears to be a reptilian figure on this key I've held on my key chain for many, many years.  I cannot recall where this actual key ever derived from, but the fact remains—-I have this KEY on my key chain….where did it come from and WHAT does it mean?  The image appears on the back of a "Christian" Holy 3-dimensional key—the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit…then there is is Reptillian image on the back side.  My PC scanning process application will not SCAN this image to post it for public viewing??

  • If I derive from a so-called "Fallen Angel" I AM IN NO WAY BAD AT ALL!  My plan is to unite the dark and the light forever to reside in complete harmony until eternity.  Impossible as it may sound—I can and will progress forward with my plan.  C J Candel giver of LIFE and LOVE!!

  • This info is too mixed up,and it will always be until ppl stop race out of all creations, whe it is evident that the black race left behind.high science for other races to marvel at. I see nothing magnificent that.the other colored race done for mankind but confused. Now.i except the fact we are all from one that split into fraternal.twins, but if we're gonna piece things back together we must go back to the beginning AND NOT LOOK OVER THE BIG HEADED OMECS STATUES, AND SPHINX STARING THE WORLD IN ITS FACE!!!!obviously rh negative is not that great, because the only thing i hear is about all the evil they caused. So please stop the contradiction racism and lies.

  • OK I HAVE A QUESTON … MY MOTHER IS 0- ,FATHER AND I A+. MY MOTHER DIDNT HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH PREGNENCY,I HEARD THEAT MOTHER's BODY  WITHOUT MEDICAL HELP CAN'T SAVE FETUS(.I actually heard that it kills the  mothers body) She never went to doctor,i was born in wore.
    IF THEAT IS TRUE…WHY I'M ALIVE?I apologize for my poor ENGLISH.

  • There is also the theory that some of the Rh negatives are descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. You can read that on I live in an area in southwestern Colorado where there is a high concentration of Rh negatives and I can guarantee you that we are all shiny, loving, gifted people that would vibe more with this theory more. If you do not have Rh negative blood, does it serve anyone for you to "suggest" or speculate?

  • My intuitive perception, (having Rh- blood myself as well as visions I've had) are that those who have Rh- blood are either the women taken by the 1/3 that fell or are children of. As this is a free-will universe, all are allowed their 'choice'. Some have chosen to serve the Source Creator and others- Lucifer. This is only 1 age though. Atlantis was destroyed by their own technology because their technology was not in alignment with their spiritual path/bodies. It reached such an imbalance, it drew to itself, through the people, the energy that allowed the people to create the cataclysm, to bring Universal Balance back to the planet and the beings, which began the next age.  The fall, division or breakdown of several races, including the Angelics of their masculine/feminine selves/energy which in turn allowed Mother Earth to fall from the Pleroma/Density into 3rd dimension. Bringing with her many of the other races/species/beings that had already lost their Divine Balance and were connected with Her. Which we are now at the end of this Age. In essence- all planets and all beings/races/species, have for thousands of years, been trying to come back into Universal Balance. We have all been in recovery…. rehabilitation, since Atlantis and Lemuria, including the higher densities/dimensions. Only some races/beings are choosing NOT to heal from the original split that all beings carry in our genetics/DNA from ancestors.
     Those that feel this the most, or are attacked the most are those with Rh- blood. To reduce this even further- those who have chosen Lucifer -(to remain unBalanced/divided)  of the Divine Masculine Energy, are STILL trying to snuff out, the Divine Feminine Energy -(those who have chosen to Balance their Divine Feminine/Masculine energy/God), in this micro level 3rd dimension. All started in the Macro and we now experience this playing out down to each individual on the micro level.
    Ultimately- what matters most now- is not blood line or genetics. It is Consciousness! We are all given the opportunity to heal and raise our consciousness, to unlock more of our DNA. The higher you raise your consciousness, the less you are a target for lower/forms of consciousness because you have chosen to heal those things from the original division/imbalance. You heal yourself, you heal others; you heal the planet; you heal other dimensions/densities. Macro to micro, micro to macro. As above, so below, as below, so above. Many of us are just trying to Balance so we can continue evolving. That's it. Some have just chosen not to. The Universe will figure out what to do with those who refuse to heal the imbalance. We need to continue focusing on healing ourselves, in turn, helping the rest of Humanity and Mother Earth heal enough so She can ascend back up to a higher dimension. Taking us with her if our goal is the same. ALL beings must Balance now and ALL beings must receive back, work through, heal and release ALL their own energy/Karma now. This is what Balancing is. ALL are being held to account and ALL are being asked to take full responsibility for your own beings on all levels now. This is what is required if you wish to evolve now. We are ALL given the 'Choice'. Again…..just my intuitive perception based on books, documentaries, others' research, and wisdom.

  • hello your last video out is lister as about a year ago but I was wondering if you might be able toi give me the name of the track @ 3:54 a friend asked me to get a copy of the music to him it would be much appreciated

  • "the biblical story of evolution"… how stupid can you possibly be? there are many blood types because unlike your fantasy book, humans evolved with variation. we didn't come from a single "Adam and Eve" but rather our species gradually developed into what we are today from another species through much time.

  • reptilian i don't think this is quite right , it's rhesus monkey negative to anti body test marker. 98% have the recessive gene, so your all carriers….

    "show me Giza hiroglif picture of making men of a lizzard ". lol

  • This is complete garbage. An RH negative blood type can be born from a person with positive factors. This means absolutely nothing. Anyone who thinks that this is alien related needs to get on medication.

  • Actually, the locations you mentioned are where the Jew-ish people (not the biblical Hebrew Israelites) migrated to. Most of my Jew-ish boyfriends have been RH negative. Cro-magnon man started in Africa. That's where the Annunaki were mining for gold. Have you seen the videos: "The Khazarian Conspiracy" and "The Neanderthal Roots of the Jews (Michael Bradley)?"

  • Annunaki means those who came from above so if your saying they made u be specific. The word basically means Aliens.

  • Asinine. Negative means no animal like monkey or certainly no reptile, snake, crocodile, stupid crocodile shitty crap spiders or any or anything but other than the pure Godly Noah bloodline that led to Jesus, from his mother and her descendants who didn't mix with a bunch of retarded ignorant disgusting monkeys!!!

  • Do ugly snakes have positive Andorigines exactly like. Those in human blood that make blood our negative positive turn snakey ?

  • You are wrong about the Israelites, they were and are today the negroid race not white people. Some white people are descendant of the fallen angels. This is evident in The Book of Enoch. That's why it was taken out the Bible.

  • You are wrong about the Israelites, they were and are today the negroid race not white people. Some white people are descendant of the fallen angels. This is evident in The Book of Enoch. That's why it was taken out the Bible.

  • We are ALL Alien hybrids – there are 22 or 27 human type experiments on earth at this time. Aliens have been terraforming and creating hybrids on earth for 250 million years – animal hybrids, animal human hybrids and ET human hybrids.This is an alien laboratory. Religion is a hoax. Follow Linda Moulton Howe if you want the real truth, she is properly researched. intelligent and a Stanford graduate in journalism with a Masters in Communication. I know her, she's the real thing. As is Prof JJ Hurtak who told me in 1975 that this planet is an alien lab, at the time it was too far- fetched, now the truth is coming our from many sources including insiders in Washington. We are surface beings, there are many other types off- world and apparently below the surface, although the latter is a bit hard to believe.

  • This is so funny, there are sites that say O neg is the  lineage blood of Christ , then there is this, saying we are the devil. We are the universal blood, we give life, not take it away. Many sites also claim that RH neg. blood is also have some sort of immunity to diseases such as HIV, the plague and Ebola. We as humans always fear what we don't understand and always want to destroy it.

  • nah, one blood is not more pure than the other, blood is fleeting, meaning this life on earth is short, don't matter your blood, your beginnings of which SEED you came from in the earths beginnings, don't matter your damn color, religion, smartness, richness, looks, anything….all that matters is the spirit in the body of flesh and blood genius!!! lol!!!! after this short life we have all that is left is spirit, whether it's good or bad! making a difference in negatives and positives and their beginnings don't make a bit of difference anymore. you can be either and side with the fallen or God. so if positives can give their soul to satan and negaitives can give their souls to satan than that to me means EQUALITY in beginning and ending. so satan was stupid enough to have his seed here on earth too with human, to me that means that's even more humans that were born with spirit and have a choice to choose God and eterity with Him as well as serving their father satan if choose to. so good, yes, good, the more that get to heaven the better. I've always wanted a huge family and the seed of satan choosing God, hell yeah! blood is blood. the heart and love make you family yo! get over yourself and your theories and spend your time seeking the CREATOR of all that even gave us a chance of existence and eternity. other wise…..we would still be nothingness…..completely nothing!

  • there lurks pure evil in rh negatives and positives so where the origin came from is just a waste of time. the WHOLE point is the soul not these worthless fleshy bodies of blood and bones. (unless you got sinless blood like the son eh?) and we dont!!! God gives spirit to ALL. WE EQUAL NUMBNUTTS. sorry but I'm so damn tired of anyone making a difference in any human, blood, color, country!!!! grrrrrr, we are spirit, we should be family, we should be spreading love not theories and differences of anything in a human! get on board!!! those who think they are different or better in ANY fashion will be last and those who equal themselves to all and love unconditionally are the true first family of God's eternal plan. 🌈❤💪🙌🙏💜💐👏🎯💯

  • The Anunnaki Made Humans Reptilian Alien Hybrids Proof RH Negative Blood Type

    Learn More:

  • Okay guys so this is my strange story. I'm RH Neg and my entire life I've matured at an alarming rate. By the time I was in 4th grade I had lost all of my baby teeth including molars and by the end of 8th grade I had to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed. I'm 22 years old currently and am about 5'9" and 285 lbs, when I was in 7th grade I had already grown to 5'8" 290 lbs. I've always been strangely mobile and athletic for my size playing football and lacrosse from 6th grade through high school and was being recruited to play division 2 football and I am now a Muay Thai fighter/trainer. Basically on any body mass index scale I'm off the charts obese for my height yet I'm a very healthy and physically fit person. When I was in 5th grade I fell off of a play structure, smacking my forehead on a metal bar from about a 4 foot drop. I was taken to the hospital for fear of concussion. Doctors took the scan of my head and were shocked to find there were no signs or symptoms of concussion. The doctors were also surprised by the size and shape of my skull noting that it was already the size of a young adult not to mention that my skull was slightly elngongated in comparison to the average with a pronounced forehead. I am a very empathetic and intuitional person who believes in the idea of manifestation through intention and creating our own reality, feeding off of the energy of our truest forms who awaken and come alive in our dreams, which is another form of reality. So there you go, I tried to exaggerate as little as possible in explaining everything above and I think I'm an alien or something guys

  • Explain to the audience why O negative blood can be received by all positive and negative blood types? Positive blood can also receive A,B,AB negative also but negative can't recieve positive! The aliens have universal blood so what does that tell you?

  • I’m Rh- and I have shattered the matrix. I figured out how to capture Archon images and energy with my digital camera. Please leave a contact so we can blow the lid off of this reality

  • O- here and have always felt different, not quite human but afraid to tell anyone because I know what their reactions will be. I really need to talk with those who understand. There is so much I need to ask. I also have Basque blood and also have Neanderthal blood. I got my DNA analyzed. I have quite a bit of French blood, too.

  • I get the point of all this and I am fascinated to say the least, but all you people saying you always felt like you don't belong here, lmao, has nothing to do with your blood I am 0+ and I feel like I don't belong here and same goes for other blood types I have encountered, you guys shouldn't forget that this body is just a vehicle and you are connected to it like a internet on a laptop so the blood doesn't matter on a higher level(consciousness, awareness and alienation) only in the physical.

  • so actually the rh negative blood is not actually anything mutated its missing 2 genes from 48 to 46 cuz no alleles atleast o- is you are correct with the annunaki creating us Sumerian text from 6,000 years ago explain everything perfectly and the bible was a edited shorter version that was altered in many ways to fit a certain agenda. You had the right idea tho however if you choose to quote the bible it distorts the truth seriously lookup the clay tablets found in Sumeria

  • Sorry brother…our Draco progenitors KILLED the Atlanteans.true story. The moon is "LEVAN" … the Draconis flagship with the gravitic (protonic) device that pushed the continent beneath the waves. The Grand Lodges have high degrees which impart this knowledge..mankind cannot know such at large. MANY MANY species hail this oasis. Certain colonies on Saturn revolted and other countries here were also decimated for re-settlement.

  • I’m Rh neg, when I did research into my birth planet, my blood type etc it lead me to Sumerian and their gods the Anunnaki we are very different that’s all I can say

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