(Audio Description) Meet Brett: Designing Windows accessibility features

>>My name is Brad Humphrey. I’m a senior program manager on the Windows accessibility team. Our team is primarily focused on how do you help those who are low and no vision use computers? For example, how would someone who’s blind interact and read the web, and write an email, and communicate with friends, really […]

Pupil Player – Post-hoc pupil detection and gaze mapping

We have opened a recording that was made on Pupil Mobile.T This guide shows how to detect pupil positions and calibrate post-hoc. Note:This can also be done with recordings made with Pupil Capture. In this example we will use the manual marker for calibration. Make sure this is included in your recording. First, we turn […]

Mark Sims on quality and outcomes for EAL pupils

I’m often asked what Ofsted is ‘looking for’ when inspectors go into schools. Are they looking for provision for EAL children to be in the mainstream classes, or is withdrawal better for them? Well, Ofsted’s position is that we don’t have a preferred way in which EAL learners are taught. What’s important are the outcomes. […]

Are you the only conscious mind? Solipsism scary implications.

Who is the person looking through your eyes? When you look in the mirror, who do you really see? Have you really thought about this question? Isn’t your consciousness the only thing that matters in the universe? From your point of view, the only sentience you have is your own. You can’t know or perceive […]

Principal at SEND school discusses state of pupil well-being provision ahead of election

So the two big things around special needs, in a nutshell, are: health not doing their bit around the accountability of the EHCPs. The other thing is the government need to reconsider the way that they allocate and distribute their responsibilities and bring them back centrally, so that they understand where the shortfalls are and […]

Lee Owston on disadvantaged children and the Pupil Premium

There’s certainly much to celebrate in the early years sector. We have the highest proportion of good and outstanding early years providers than ever before. More children are accessing early years provision to a high standard than we’ve ever seen. However, the true test of the early years sector must be how well they enable […]

Human Corneas 3D printed for first time

Scientists at Newcastle University have 3D printed the world’s first human corneas. By creating a special bio-ink using stem cells mixed together with alginate and collagen, they were able to print the cornea using a simple low-cost 3D bio-printer. It’s hoped that this new technique could be used to help combat the world-wide shortage of […]