Northwest Kaiser Cataract Surgery, PART 1 | Kaiser Permanente

(light music) – I’m Dr. Adam Braganza, and today we’re going to learn all about cataracts. In the next few minutes we’ll show you what cataracts are and how they can be treated with surgery. We’ll tell you about what you can expect before, and after surgery, some of the types of lenses that can […]

Cataracts Rap

So here’s the problem. Your natural lens has become cloudy. cloudy. I wanna just see. I got low vis. Cuz I have cataracts. Unfortunate. Proteins build up. An aggregate. All in my lens. All in my lens. I’ve got Bummer dude. Can’t see you through my lens. I’m driving real slow. And my vision slipping […]

Maarslet Skole – enabling pupils to get creative in the digital world

My name is Mette Hardis Jacobsen. I’m a teacher at Maarslet School in Århus municipality. We’ve been involved in a project with CS First, where the pupils learned to code and designed their own computer games. Many pupils are familiar with IT, but they’re not used to creating it! Coding is on the syllabus because […]

Pupil Sync Demo

Pupil Capture running on MBAir 13″, MBA 11″, and 2 instances running on the MS Surface Pro 3. Pupil Sync plugin is loaded on all 3 machines. This Pupil sync node is named “Will Pupil”. “Sync Status” shows the address of the clock master and temporal offset or jitter. In this example jitter is 0.98ms. […]

Pupil Player – Head Pose Tracker Tutorial

This video shows how to track 3d head pose based on fiducial markers in the environment. 1 – Preparation Print out the fiducial markers (Apriltag). All markers need be printed with the same size. Place markers in the space where you want to track the head pose. Wear your Pupil Labs eye tracking headset and […]

What is Corneal Collagen Crosslinking

Hello friends!!! Welcome to my channel ‘KeratoconusHub TV’ In this video you will get an idea about what is Corneal Collagen Cross-linking and how it works for keratoconus. To understand the procedure of Crosslinking, you can watch my video based on procedure of CXL on my channel. So, What is Corneal Collagen Cross-linking? As I’ve […]

Uri Avnery – The Fallujah pocket (50/315)

The fighting continued, I dare to say, although I’m not sure, whether this moment was the turning point of the war because that evening we started to attack and the Egyptians went on the defensive. One of the results was that… was that we managed to encircle an entire Egyptian brigade in what was called […]

Do you have eyes pains, head pains, or sleeping problems after you use your mobile or tablet device?

starting the application the filter is enabled directly. you can adjust the filter setting as shown here You can change the filter color as shown here Click here to disable the filter Click again to re-enable the filter Click here to Hide the shortcut on the status bar

Blind Cat Wants To See His Mom | Animal in Crisis EP22

A mother cat stands in front of her child A kitten is behind the mother cat Something is on his eyes I guess a stray cat gave birth to kittens in here The kitten gets closer to his mom As his eyes are covered with the scab he can’t find his mom’s breast For the […]