The Secret Spy Glasses

So every once in a while I let Jack pick an item to be featured here on the show Is it a terrible idea? I think so. You might too. To let Jack do anything in fact Surprised this place hasn’t burned down So what does he do with all of that freedom to select […]

الصف الرابع |المنهاج الأردني |الوحدة 11

Korean traditional foods prove effective in alleviating macular degeneration, prevent \\

It looks like researchers have found some hints for curing incurable diseases. Recent studies show that ginseng and Kimchi are effective in alleviating hard-to-treat eye conditions and preventing dermatitis. Park Se-young reports. Macular degeneration is caused by the accumulation of debris in the back of the eye. Sufferers experience a gradual worsening of vision… and […]

What To Do for Glaucoma – Massage Monday #403

Hi everyone. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. Per viewer’s request, this week I’m going to show you what you can do for glaucoma. Of course, this is not the replacement for the glaucoma treatment but this is something you can do to compliment the treatment by your medical doctor. First, rub […]

Korean researchers claim successful transplant of pig’s cornea in a monkey

Our next story could bring hope… to millions of people around the world who are suffering from blindness. Korean researchers say… they have successully transplanted the cornea of a pig, onto the eye of a monkey,… which has recovered and maintained its eyesight for more than seven months. Our Yu Joonhee tells us more. A […]

Teacher is sentenced to hang after beating to death pupil in Tanzania – Daily News

A teacher who beat a pupil to death while trying to get him to confess to stealing a handbag has been sentenced to death by hanging in Tanzania   Respicius Patrick Mutazangira, 51, was found guilty of murder on Wednesday for killing 14-year-old student Sperius Eradius in August last year Sperius was beaten with firewood for three […]

6 Natural Remedies for Eye Inflammation – Canada 365

6 Natural Remedies for Eye Inflammation Do you have a tired look and inflamed eyes? Eye inflammation is the result of a series of factors. After all, the technological era has made us strain our eyes. We do this with several devices like cell phones and computers. Luckily, all is not lost. There are several […]

Sweater Beats – Glory Days (Party Pupils Remix) ft. Hayley Kiyoko

Time to live Time to live like we’re coming to war Time is a gift Time is a present that can not be bought Show me your list Show me your list and then cross some shit off Cross some shit off Show me your list and then cross some shit off Why are we […]

Princess Charlotte Is Once Again the Queen’s Mini-Me in Adorable New Shades: See the Photos! – News

 Princess Charlotte has a long history of twinning with her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and Monday was no exception  One day after the 3-year-old joined her brother Prince George and her parents Kate Middleton and Prince William at Trooping the Colour, the young royal was seen enjoying a day in the sun at the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy at Beaufort Park — where William […]