Learn how IStent Injects can help if you have cataracts and glaucoma

Glaucoma is a common vision condition that affects millions of people around the world, and can have a significant impact on your quality of life. If your doctor has recommended that you under go cataract surgery, you now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to treat your mild to moderate open angle glaucoma at […]

What should I do if I forget a does of my glaucoma eye drops?

It’s really important to take your eye drops the same time each day. Using them at the correct time each day is a big step towards keeping your eye pressure under control. Irregular use can result in further vision loss due to glaucoma. If you forget your dose, it’s okay to make up for it […]

Pigmentary Glaucoma

>>Pigmentary glaucoma occurs when the iris, the part of the eye that is brown, gray, blue, or green, sheds pigment particles that clog up the eye’s internal drain. This happens because the shape of your particular iris makes it rub against the structures behind it. This leads to a gradual increase in eye pressure. The […]

Does wearing a tie increase your eye pressure if you have glaucoma?

– Does wearing a tie increase your eye pressure? Wearing closed collars and neck ties too tight, can increase pressure in the veins of your head and neck causing an increase in eye pressure. To be safe make sure you can easily slide a finger between your neck and your collar.

My Rheumatoid Arthritis: Jamie Navarette

– I’m Jamie Navarette. I am 35 years old. And I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 18. Finding someone who speaks to you and not down at you. You’re not just a number. You are a person and you have every right to ask questions and to leave that doctor’s office with […]

Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma

>>Pseudoexfoliation glaucoma occurs when you have pseudoexfoliation material that builds in the drain of your eye. The pseudoexfoliation material are little white flakes that peel off the structures inside the eye. The flakes build up in the drain of the eye and cause it to drain fluid more slowly. This leads to a gradual increase […]

Glaucoma Suspect

>>You are a glaucoma suspect because you have a risk of developing glaucoma. Your eye doctor thinks that your optic nerve looks suspicious for developing glaucoma as you age. The optic nerve acts like the electricity cable that connects the eye to the brain. When it is damaged, it can no longer bring strong vision […]

The Best Steroid Eye Drop to Use if you have Glaucoma

My Doctor put me on Dexamethasone drops I also have both lower plugs I know the drops can cause high pressure what would you think would be the best steroid drops for my issue? And so it’s a great question it’s your face anymore so Dexamethasone is actually ranked as one of the highest side-effect […]

Improve your eyesight in 3 months avoid surgery !!! | Natural Treatment & Home Remedies

natural treatment in home remedies presents video on increase vision in improve your eyesight in 3 months here are very effective easy tips to improve your vision prevent eye strain cleanse the eyes eliminate cataracts and computer vision syndrome if you want to get an excellent view is recommended to consume vitamin A daily to […]

Normal Tension Glaucoma

>>Most glaucoma is caused by high eye pressure. However, your glaucoma has developed even though your pressure is in the normal range. That is because the pressure is still too high for your particular optic nerve. Researchers are working to understand why some optic nerves are damaged even with eye pressures that are within the […]