Cataracts: What Are They and How Do They Impact Vision?

Has your vision become cloudy or foggy over the years? Have you noticed colors don’t appear as bright or vibrant as they used to? Are you experiencing glare or halos around lights? If so, you may have cataracts in one or both of your eyes. A cataract is a very common condition where the lens […]

Northwest Kaiser Cataract Surgery, PART 1 | Kaiser Permanente

(light music) – I’m Dr. Adam Braganza, and today we’re going to learn all about cataracts. In the next few minutes we’ll show you what cataracts are and how they can be treated with surgery. We’ll tell you about what you can expect before, and after surgery, some of the types of lenses that can […]

Scleral Contact Lenses: A Perfect Fit for Irregular Corneas and Dry Eyes!

Scleral contact lenses are specialty contacts primarily used to improve the vision of people with corneal irregularities. In fact, the most common reasons to wear scleral lenses are if you have keratoconus, had a corneal transplant, or are suffering from severe dry eye disease. Scleral contacts are large, bowl-shaped hard contact lenses that range in […]

What is the Best Corneal Abrasion Treatment

How to care for a scratched eye or a corneal abrasion so a scratch eye just needs to be pretty much taken care of like a scratch on the skin you want to prevent it from getting infected so we recommend just keeping your eyelids clean keeping that area clean and if the scratch is […]

Eye Examination

Are you having an Eye Exam? Does that make you feel worried about failing a test? Well, eye exams aren’t like school exams. It’s just a check-up for your eyes. Having your eyes checked is called an eye examination or eye exam. It means you will visit an eye doctor like Maryam. Eye doctors are […]

Human Eye for Kids/Eye Anatomy Song

We are your eyes We are your eyes Our job’s to see the world around you Your most important sensory organ times two Let’s take a look into your eye to see of what they are comprised Then we’ll learn about the roles that they do play The crystal clear transparent layer is called the […]

Cataract Surgery Helps Patient Read and Drive Again

I can see anything. I don’t have to wear to drive. I don’t have to wear glasses to read. I can many times, read the small print on my pill bottles so it’s really made an immense difference in the quality of my life. Hello my name Janice and I’m here to talk about my […]

Steroid Response Glaucoma

>>Steroid response glaucoma can be a side effect from steroid medications. Most people who take steroid medications do not get this side effect. Unfortunately, doctors can’t predict who will have this side effect. Often times the steroid medications are controlling other diseases. So they can’t be stopped even if they are causing glaucoma as a […]

Pterygium: Understanding This Scary Eye Growth

Does your eye have a new growth on it that appears to go from the white part of your eye to the clear part of your eye? If so, you may have a pterygium. A pterygium is a white, fleshy growth that extends from the white part of your eye over the top of your […]

12 Unexpected Uses for Vicks VapoRub

Twelve unexpected uses for vicks vapor rub We all know vicks vapor rub as our good friend and Ally and fighting colds its main ingredients camphor menthol and eucalyptus help relieve a cold and nasal congestion However, these are not the only benefits of the product it. Also has some super powers like relieving headaches […]