6 Natural Remedies for Eye Inflammation – Australia 365

6 Natural Remedies for Eye Inflammation Do you have a tired look and inflamed eyes? Eye inflammation is the result of a series of factors. After all, the technological era has made us strain our eyes. We do this with several devices like cell phones and computers. Luckily, all is not lost. There are several […]

Ocular Hypertension Glaucoma

>>Ocular hypertension occurs when the pressure inside the eye is higher than normal or higher than 21. Your drain in your eye does not work perfectly. This leads to an increase in eye pressure. Having high eye pressure puts you at risk for developing glaucoma or damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve acts […]

Write the Vision: Glaucoma Awareness Month (January)

January: Glaucoma Awareness Month Three reasons you should talk about glaucoma: Your family; Your eyesight; Your way of life. Glaucoma runs in families. You can have it and not know it. If you have a family history of glaucoma, you are at higher risk for the disease. Get a comprehensive dilated eye exam. It’s Glaucoma […]

Peripheral neuropathy – Is there a natural remedy?

Hey, Dr. Osborne here to answer your health questions. Today’s viewer writes in asking about peripheral neuropathy. Diane says that she’s already gone gluten free, gone alcohol free, gone sugar free, and it’s helped tremendously, but she’s looking for additional advice on what she can do to help kind of push herself over that plateau. […]

Ankylosing Spondylitis More Than Just a Bad Back

Ankylosing spondylitis More than just a bad back Your spine does more than just hold you upright. It interacts with your immune skeletal muscular and nervous Systems, so when something goes wrong with your spine, it may have far-reaching effects throughout your body Keeping your spine happy is an important part of your overall health […]

Ankylosing Spondylitis – Not just back pain

Ankylosing spondylitis, otherwise known as axial spondyloarthritis, or just AS for short, mainly affects your spine. But you may also experience pain and stiffness in other areas, including your hips, knees, shoulders, and ribs. Your ribs can become inflamed where they attach to the spine. This may cause pains that can be confused with heart […]

White Eyeliner! 10 White Eyeliner Uses! How to Brighten Eyes and Face.

White eyeliner is an essential piece in every woman’s makeup bag. If you want to learn how to use it in 10 different ways then this is the tutorial for you. White color liner will brighten and highlight features of your face making you look fresh and awake. Apply it to the inner corners of […]

How to instil glaucoma eye drops?

Eye drops are still the most common form of glaucoma treatment. In order for your eye drops to be effective in lowering your eye pressure, they need to be instilled safely and accurately. There are a few easy steps. Firstly, do you have the correct bottle? Read the instructions on the bottle to make sure […]

How To Turn On Magnification Gestures (Android)

Hello, we’ve created a series of videos to show you how you can customize wireless emergency alerting or ria settings on your Android device so that it is optimized for your needs. WEA’s are government issued emergency messages that appear as child abduction alerts, severe weather or civil emergencies or presidential alerts. This video will […]

Why is it important to use my glaucoma eye drops at the same time each day?

– Your eye pressure fluctuates throughout the day. And for people with glaucoma, these fluctuations can be harmful to your optic nerves. Using your drops the same time every day helps to control that pressure over 24 hours. So try and get into a set routine for when you apply your eye drops. It could […]