Outdoor activities in Montenegro – ITB Berlin

I am here with Thomas. Thomas represents Montenegro National Parks. Thomas, can you tell us what would be the interesting things to do in Montenegro? Especially the National Parks? Especially the National Parks. Yeah. We have five national parks in Montenegro, which is really exceptional in Europe, because Montenegro is a relatively small country and […]

Ask the Vet – What is moon blindness in horses?

SARAH: “I have an Appaloosa-Paint mix, and my farrier once mentioned to me to be careful about moon blindness. What is it, what breeds does it affect, what can be done to prevent it, and once it’s contracted, what are the treatment options? Since my horse is a mix, is he less likely to contract […]

School pupils get a Christmas surprise from Coutinho, Firmino and Ox | THE REACTIONS ARE PRICELESS!

With Christmas just round the corner, me and the lads thought we’d come to the local school to surprise the kids. They think they’re being interviewed about their favourite Liverpool players, but we thought we’d come and surprise them ourselves. THEY SING: ♫ Ole, ole Ole, ole ♫ Coutinh-o-o-o-o. ♫ Hello! Nice to meet you. […]

Visually impaired filmmaker and actress discuss disability in the media.

(whoosh, film clapper sound) -[Juan] Hey everybody. What is going on? So, it’s…this is a bit of a different format for some of my videos. Well, all my videos. It’s because I’m here with an awesome guest. This is Bree Klauser. She is a visually impaired actress. We’re gonna be talking about stuff that deals […]

Naakenti | Latest Telugu Short Film 2019 | English sub titles

[Music] [Auto rikshaw sound] [Motor bike sound] [Music] [Motor bike slowing down sound] [Music] Hey! why did you leave him like that, you would have catch him no? [Music] Why would have to catch him, what for me? am i your servant? do you think i didn’t have any work? [Music] at least did you […]

Technology & Accessibility: Low Vision Solutions for Glaucoma

>>Hello everyone. Thank you for joining as. Thank you for the people who came in person as well. >>January is Glaucoma awareness month so we thought today we would demonstrate some of the technology available for individuals that have Glaucoma or even other low vision disabilities.>>We will start off with software on the computer and […]

Narrated menus on the Xbox console

Hey, I’m Brannon from the Xbox team. Just wanted to take a minute to show you how we’re making our games and our gaming platforms more inclusive. There are a lot of gamers who are blind or have low vision. To help these gamers out, Xbox can narrate, or voice out, its menus. To enable […]

Desktop Magnifiers – what do they do?

Henshaws: Products. Supporting people with sight loss and a range of other disabilities to go beyond expectations. Electronic magnifiers, Optelec Clearview speech Welcome to Henshaws’ Tips, Tricks and Tech, today we’re going to talk a little bit about magnifiers, so some of you might think of a magnifier that looks a bit like that, so […]

Deception Tip 2 – Dilated Pupils

Hey guys my name is Spencer Coffman. Thank you for watching the Deception Tips Videos that are all about teaching you how to read people and detect deception so that you can tell if someone is lying to you. They’re some very important videos that you can use to help you better communicate with other […]