Laser Eye Surgery Vlog 02: Charlie’s Post Op Conversation

So we are now about 5 minutes after surgery, how does it feel? It feels amazing. Does it really? Yeah it’s a little bit blurry, but I can see from one end of the room to the other Can you see the coffee machine over in the corner Yes Fantastic And the lights and the […]

Cataracts: What Are They and How Do They Impact Vision?

Has your vision become cloudy or foggy over the years? Have you noticed colors don’t appear as bright or vibrant as they used to? Are you experiencing glare or halos around lights? If so, you may have cataracts in one or both of your eyes. A cataract is a very common condition where the lens […]

Cronometer: The Key to Vegan Success? How to Use It.

Hey, it’s Mic here, and I talked about a lot, how it’s a great nutrition tool to track food and learn about what’s in what food, but as many of you have pointed out, I’ve never actually shown you guys how to use it. So today, we are going to do a walkthrough, so […]

What is the Best Corneal Abrasion Treatment

How to care for a scratched eye or a corneal abrasion so a scratch eye just needs to be pretty much taken care of like a scratch on the skin you want to prevent it from getting infected so we recommend just keeping your eyelids clean keeping that area clean and if the scratch is […]

Pearls of Wisdom from Leslie Jones, M.D.

♪♪ When someone says no, it’s a challenge, you know? If we list it as a barrier, in the barrier column, that sort of just stops us. And we have to list it on “This is a challenge, and I’ve got to find my way around it, over it, or under it,” but, you know, […]

Can You Take Steroid Eye Drops With Glaucoma For Dry Eye?

Bar Owens asks would you use steroid drops short-term for dry eye on a person with severe glaucoma? I mean I would say if you know that you’re… I mean nobody really knows they’re not a steroid responder until you take steroids but as long as you are not a steroid responder meaning somebody that […]

Eye Examination

Are you having an Eye Exam? Does that make you feel worried about failing a test? Well, eye exams aren’t like school exams. It’s just a check-up for your eyes. Having your eyes checked is called an eye examination or eye exam. It means you will visit an eye doctor like Maryam. Eye doctors are […]

Macro Pupil Constricting in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

Hello, I’m greg I’m dan we are the slow mo guys and today we’re not in my back garden where it’s nice and bright We’re in my dark dingy Garage where we keep our props so news you’re for us The reason for that is because we’ve had a lot of requests to film an […]

Ladarvision Custom Cornea Procedure Los Angeles Laser Eye Center

if you have difficulty making a decision about laser vision correction surgery perhaps waiting for new technology to become available that technology is here the custom cornea procedure involves the most advanced technology available today and in the foreseeable future i’d recommend laser eye center based on my experience and my results i mean i’m […]