How to see infrared light

Hey it’s Chris. I came across an interesting thing about infrared light while I was making my previous video and I wanna share it with you. Normally infrared light is totally invisible to human eye but when you look at it through the eye of the camera you can actually see it. You can check […]

Renfrew High School pupils on SQA work placement – Stephen, Iona & Abbie

Working with people I wouldn’t normally work with. I liked seeing what it’s like to work in SQA. I liked that they are hearing other peoples’ opinions and are willing to change and be different.

Occhiali Sportivi da Vista AF399 – Sport Prescription Sunglasses AF399 [SUB ENG]

AF399 Sport Sunglasses includes a removable windproof soft foam a Removable Optical Insert for Prescription lenses and adjustable Nose Pads 3 Lenses Included – Smoke – Yellow – Clear – adapt in any weather conditions, outdoor and indoor Interchangeables arms with elastic adjustable strap The inside of the front frame is covered with a removable […]

EACHINE VR D2 Vs The Eachine EV800 FPV Goggles Comparison (BANGGOOD)

what is uP guys the [playa] [Tech] here and today we’re going to be doing a comparison between the [yishun] VrD2 goggles with diversity and the ish in D800 Goggles with single Antenna, so let’s get right into Alright guys So right off the bat you’ll notice that The flow Factor itself of the Vrd2 […]

GRWM: Everyday Kawaii Makeup w/Tiny Eyebrows & Cheek Glitter!

Hello friends! Everyday I am flooded with questions on how I do my eyebrows and glitter on my face so here I am! With my everyday cutesy makeup tutorial Let’s jump right into it and get started! I’m going to start by getting all of my hair out of my face with this cute headband […]

Paving the Way for Ophthalmology Clinical Research

Ophthalmology techniques in terms of drug delivery have advanced quite a bit, not just in the type of drug and improvement in drugs but also in the method, drugs are administered. Research in Ophthalmology has come a very long way. We have changed our surgical techniques, and we have revamped the way we deliver drugs […]

Improving the teaching of pupils with Special Educational Needs

The research was focused on the problem of whether ordinary classroom teachers should be teaching children with special educational needs. Do they do they have the knowledge, the skill, the experience to teach children with special educational needs. This is an issue that exists because of the move towards greater inclusion in education. What the […]

Playing NVG with REAL Night Vision Goggles…

He’s a funny noise I’m way too easily entertained gonna keep that just for the noise We got this pretty cool-looking steelbook of a dear using them for what a scrub No one uses that gun in this game probably uses claymores – night vision goggles instruction manual, okay So these things are actually gonna […]

Primary pupils transform edfringe shop

For this year Schools Poster Competition we’ve teamed up with Granton Primary School for an exciting project. We challenged the children to come up with some of the faces and characters that you might see at the Fringe. I think a lot of them had seen pictures and then were building on that through their […]

Using Read&Write to support every pupil in your classroom

Every school classroom is different. And so’s every pupil. You’ve got fluent, capable readers alongside other students whose first language isn’t English. Chances are you’ll have some pupils in the group with dyslexia or other special education needs. And you’ll have other children who simply struggle to engage with everyday reading, writing and comprehension tasks. […]