Deraign – Recording ‘Purity In Violence’ Studio Home Video

Ahhhhh…. I’ll Fuckin shove that camera up your ass soon hey! Deraign! Deraign… This is the video Deraign! Deraign! Deraign! To prepare soldiers for battle! So we’ve been in the studio for an hour… what’s the best part so far? The couch man, fuckin look at this shit! We need furry walls! Oh we do […]

[Coaching Pupils in Schools] Spanish Teacher Coaches Disengaged Pupil from GCSE “U” to grade “B”

This year I took over a Year 11 group that I didn’t teach for half of Year 10. And I had a pupil who was completely disapplied with learning Spanish. He was on a “U” And after a lot of talk to his parents with the pupil I was getting nowhere. He was producing no […]

Pink. Capítulo 1. “No soy como tú”

Well… This is it. this far and no further And it`s much We must be the last of this damn city, perhaps of the country… and now we are going to kick the bucket. what a shitty luck! i really was loving it. My name is Lucas and I have always been a loner. At […]

Growing up with arthritis: Simon’s journey to finding a career

My name is Simon. I’m 21, I’m at university and I have got juvenile idiopathic arthritis. My Mum had arthritis, but a different type so it was osteoarthritis I was three at the time and she noticed that one toe and one finger were starting to look a little bit miss-formed so she took me […]

The James Burton Story, Glaucoma, Cannabis, Subtitle

James Burton, The Story – News reporter: If you were going blind… And marijuana could help your condition? Would you use it? – James Burton: Going blind is a very scary proposition. I was legally grown marijuana. I was at the top of the mountain. I’m kind of embarrassed about being here. The problem was […]

Teacher & pupil’s dance collaboration…Same dance but different vibe? [Happy Together/2018.01.25]

Boreum and Hyunkyung prepared a performance. Hyunkyung has been waiting for this. Hyunkyung and Boreum! Isn’t this BLACKPINK? “BOOMBAYAH.” (Tight choreography?) (Nope) (She looks like she’s spinning a hat ribbon) (Boreum’s expressions and dances look perfect!) (Not so much for Hyunkyung…) Look at Boreum. (Jaeseok) (Jaeseok is too busy laughing) (The same dance yet they […]