Cheryl Ladd’s Cataracts Perspective: ”The Visualization of Life Is So Important”

well to me it was just a word I heard the word cataracts I didn’t really know what to think the visualization of life is just so important to both of us one night he said is really dark there’s no lights would you mind driving I said no absolutely as soon as he was […]

The Glaucoma Story, by Abby (Long Reach HS)

A normal birth I thought. My first daughter I thought. At that moment I was ready for my beautiful flower to blossom. I thought there would be no complications. That she would just come and I would be the happiest mother on Earth, I was wrong. During the painful and unbearable birth the doctor noticed […]

LASIK Procedure Patient Testimonial at CorrectVision Laser Institute

The entire experience from day one was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be Including the staff in both locations, everyone was great and the surgery itself was fantastic no pain whatsoever I think it was less than seven minutes in the entire procedure was over. It was fantastic. -Who did […]

Myra – Distortion of vision due to macular degeneration

I began to notice a distortion in a lot of things. Like my cup always seemed to have a dip in it instead going right round smoothly and that’s not right, not right. I noticed my writing, which never really very good but it was going the drain. So again, I went to the doctor […]

Betty M. shares her “Priceless” LASIK experience at Price Vision Group

I came to Dr. Price to get LASIK surgery and I recommend Dr. Price for anyone needing their eyes perfected. My name is Betty and I’m from a small town in Indiana and about nine months ago I had cataract surgery and IOLs were installed so that I’d have good vision. Those IOLs were the […]

Uri Avnery – The Fallujah pocket (50/315)

The fighting continued, I dare to say, although I’m not sure, whether this moment was the turning point of the war because that evening we started to attack and the Egyptians went on the defensive. One of the results was that… was that we managed to encircle an entire Egyptian brigade in what was called […]

“Folks Older Than Me” – Ron’s Story

i’m ron from Austin Texas I love the outdoors I love to be outside I did not know that I had cataracts I just knew my vision just seemed to be a little cloudy or just not quite as good and it was very gradual process it wasn’t overnight was the last thing on my […]

9 Experiments That Accidentally Led To Amazing Discoveries!

From medicine to electricity to gravity itself! Join me as we show you experiments that led to amazing discoveries! 9. Penicillin When it comes to discoveries, some are planned, but there are also times that accidental find change the world forever. While it may not seem like it do to its importance, Penicillin was discovered […]

一个内科医生相机里的病人 Patients in a Physician’s Camera

I’m a doctor of cardiovascular medicine I started shooting in September, 2016 I’ve shot 405 patients(and their family) in total And over 10,000 pictures I asked them ‘What’s the most important thing in life to you’ ‘At which moment do you feel the happiest’ ‘What’s your most painful memory’ ‘Do you fear death’ It was […]

Omega-3 Supplements May Not Be Cutting It

Omega-3 pills are among the most popular dietary supplements in the US. But these pills may not be living up to their claims. I’m Shelby Cullinan with your latest health news. A new study from the National Eye Institute found that omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFAs) supplements may not safeguard against cognitive decline. The […]