Secondary school slammed for taking the doors off its pupil toilets – Live News 24

A SECONDARY school has been slammed after taking the doors off its pupil toilets.  The Hewett Academy in Norwich has removed the external main doors from all but one of its toilets to make them “open plan”  It says the move was first suggested by pupils.  But parents and carers raised concerns as other pupils […]

[Coaching in Schools] Coaching Pupils Improves Grades & Behaviour for Aggressive Year 11

One of my most successful case studies was a student of mine – a year 11. And for a year this young man has been going through detentions – Being scaled up to “Headteacher Detentions”, Not handing in homework And whenever he was approached it was very… …He was very aggressive, and nothing was progressing. […]

Jasmin’s Chronic Battle with Behçet’s Disease and How She Learned to Cope

(gentle music) – My name is Jasmin Hudgens and I have Behcet’s disease. Behcet’s is inflammation of the blood vessels all over the body. It can be in your legs, your GI, which is your stomach, your intestines, your brain, your heart, your lungs. I’m always in some type of pain. Earliest symptoms I remember, […]

Living With Low Vision: Stories of Hope and Independence (Natina English)

When you start off with juvenile diabetes, it usually affects one of the main organs as you get older, and in my case, it was my eyes. All of a sudden, my right eye started to hemorrhage. It was like I was looking underwater, like a bloody film. After the right eye ordeal, I was […]

Did Romesh Ranganathan accidentally lock a pupil in a cupboard? – Would I Lie to You?

“When I was a teacher, whilst trying to explain a tricky concept, I accidentally locked a pupil in a cupboard.” David’s team. Okay, what was the concept? Was it the concept of imprisonment? It was, uh, it was a maths lesson. Um, I was teaching the topic of probability and chance. The chances of getting […]

Sarah Franklin: Breaking Glaucoma Stereotypes

Well, I was diagnosed with glaucoma ten years ago, so I was 12 years old, and it was just during a routine eye exam. And they took my pressure and it was almost 40, it was in the 40s. I had two ways of responding: I could either be angry about it or I could […]

Year 6 pupil – Rylee Madsen | 2097: We Made Ourselves Over

I’m Rylee Madsen and I go to Cleeve Primary Academy. I think the best view would be Queens Gardens because I hope that the flowers would have developed more and it could be a beautiful The second is an app on your phone that alters your DNA and changes you into an animal. I thought […]

Murderer left to go blind on death row by prison guards chooses to be executed by electric chair –

A MURDERER who was left to go blind on death row has chosen to be executed by electric chair, according to reports  Lee Hall is scheduled to die on Thursday in Tennessee – 28 years after he set fire to his estranged girlfriend Traci Crozier  Hall, 53, still had his eyesight when he stuffed a […]


Good morning Doctor Briefly present to me your experience Well, I state two things: I was born nearsighted therefore my eyes were always uder doctors’ scrutiny in 2009 I was examined by the ophthalmologist that treated me for many years he was looking for symptoms of glaucoma the doctor found these symptoms of glaucoma, but […]

[Hyderabad News] World Glaucoma week program was organized in Hyderabad / THE NEWS INDIA

Today, the World Glaucoma Week’s program was organized in Hyderabad … during this time the program was flagged off. Today, the World Glaucoma Week’s program was organized in Hyderabad … during this time the program was flagged off. Today, the World Glaucoma Week’s program was organized in Hyderabad … during this time the program was […]