Baja visión. Parte 5: ¿Cómo la familia puede ayudar a un ser querido con baja visión?

[MÚSICA] Gina Adams: Los familiares son muy importantes para que la rehabilitación de las personas con pérdida de la visión sea exitosa. Lorenzo Powell: Muchas veces los familiares nos preguntan, ¿qué podemos hacer? Yo les aconsejo que se informen lo más que puedan acerca de esta condición para que puedan ayudar a su ser querido […]

See Glaucoma: Insights for Community Leaders

KYM: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m Kym Collins-Lee, acting director of the National Eye Health Education Program, also known as NEHEP, of the National Eye Institute at the National Institutes of Health. Thank you for participating in today’s webinar, See Glaucoma: Insights for Community Leaders. We will begin with introductions of our speakers for today and […]

Low Vision Part 5: How Can Family Members Help a Loved One With Low Vision?

[MUSIC] The families are very important for the successful rehabilitation of the individual with the vision loss. Family members a lot of times will ask us, well what can I do? And one of the things I always tell them is find out as much as you can about this particular eye condition so that […]

Baja visión. Parte 4: ¿Cómo las personas con baja visión pueden mantener una actitud positiva?

[MÚSICA] Narrador: Los servicios y aparatos apropiados junto con una actitud positiva pueden ayudar a las personas con deterioro visual a vencer los obstáculos y mantener su calidad de vida. Mark Wilkinson, O.D.: Es muy común que las personas que acaban de experimentar pérdida de la visión se sientan deprimidas. Es algo muy común. Sabemos […]

Low Vision Part 2: What Can I Do if I Have Low Vision?

[MUSIC] Individuals with low vision often do find it necessary or helpful to make a number of modifications in their home. There’s a number of ways that appliance dials can be marked with high-contrast and/or tactual markings so that they can operate the microwave and the washing machine and the oven dials more efficiently. One […]

NEI Take This Job and Love It – Episode 01, Ocular Stem Cell & Translational Research Unit

Hi and welcome to the first installment of Take This Job and Love It! My name is Kristina Beaugh with the NEI Office of Communications. This video series is dedicated to showcasing the great people at NEI and how their work contributes to our mission. Our first stop is Dr. Kapil Bharti’s lab in the […]

What is RPE and how can replacing it help patients with AMD?

RPE retinal pigment epithelium is a layer of cells, that in a healthy eye, nourishes and supports the photoreceptors. But in AMD patients RPE degenerate and die off and as a result, photoreceptors lose their nourishment and they die off and patients go blind. We have been able to make healthy RPE cells from patients’ […]

Baja visión. Parte 3: ¿Cómo las personas con baja visión pueden seguir siendo independientes?

[MÚSICA] Narrador: Los servicios para personas con baja visión les permiten mantener su independencia y también lograr sus sueños, pasatiempos y pasiones. Mark Wilkinson, O.D.: Es probable que su oculista le haya dicho, “Lo siento, no hay nada más que podamos hacer por usted”. Pero hay muchas cosas que se pueden hacer. Tal vez la […]

The impact of climate change on the eye

A recent NIH symposium cosponsored by by the National Eye Institute, focused on the impact of climate on human health. One presenter, Dr. Sheila West, a vision researcher at the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University said that given its exposure to the external world the eye is particularly vulnerable to environmental factors. In […]

Low Vision Part 3: How Can People With Low Vision Maintain Their Independence?

[MUSIC] Low vision services allow those with low vision to not only maintain independence but also pursue their goals, hobbies, and passions. You know, they might have been told by their eye care provider, “I’m sorry, there’s nothing more that we can do for you.” And yet there are many, many things that can be […]