How to Apply Glitter Makeup : How to Apply Under Eye Brightener for Glamorous Glitter Makeup

I’m Kelli. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that you can use to create a glitter and glam makeup look. Now that we’ve completed our eye look with our eye shadow, our glitter, our liner, and our mascara, we’re going to take some under eye brightener, which […]


Orange Hairstyle – Concept Photoshoot

hey guys today we will go in a Greek hairstylist school I will show you the process of changing Nastia’s hair and then we will come back here to my home studio to make a concept photography at this point I would like to thank everybody involved the teachers the students the whole school and […]

চোখে ছানি পড়া । cataract | What are Cataracts 2017

आँखों में जाला(धुंध),लाली और दर्द का आसान घरेलू इलाज | Ankho Me Jala Dhundh Lali Dard Ka Upay Hindi

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Glaucoma awareness month

according to the CDC approximately three million Americans are living with glaucoma number that’s projected to increase to five and a half million by 2050 joining me now dr. Kenzo Koike of florida hi specialists and one of dr. Khoi k’s patients judith mcnair to share her experience about managing the disease welcome to both […]

Video Conferencing Case Study – EVC900 Transmits Live Video of Cataract Surgery

AVer video conferencing has once again helped a hospital achieve its telehealth goals! Dar El Oyoun Eye Institution (DEO), an Egyptian hospital system specializing in ophthalmology, needs to share live video of surgical operations with doctors in different branches and selected AVer’s EVC900 video conferencing system as their solution. In this case, they shared video […]

Healthcast: Laser procedure helps treat dry eye disease, doctor says

it’s estimated that one in every eight adult or 33 million Americans suffer from some form of dry eye a condition caught that causes pain and sensitivity to light in today’s health cast local 10 medical specialist 50 through here looks at a potential breakthrough that could in some cases effectively cure this condition Christy […]