The Secret Spy Glasses

So every once in a while I let Jack pick an item to be featured here on the show Is it a terrible idea? I think so. You might too. To let Jack do anything in fact Surprised this place hasn’t burned down So what does he do with all of that freedom to select […]

Arena Swedix Goggle Review

We have reviews on goggles Caps All kinds of suits And much more PC99 Swimming Reviews Hey guys today I’m going to be reviewing the Arena Swedix Gogggles These are basically like Swedes, but a lot better as you will see in this review Now I’ve already got mine assembled, but they come unassembled, so […]

BEST Way To Clean Makeup Brushes: Tips + Unboxing

Hi, I’m Aimee and welcome to my channel! Today, we’re going to talk about why it’s important to clean your makeup brushes and I’m also gonna do a little product testing and an actual tutorial on cleaning my brushes. This is one of my LEAST favorite things to do. I really am terrible about cleaning […]

[REVIEW] Queen contacts store | Unboxing e recensione del servizio

Hi everyone! and welcome to this new video review as you can see this video is in italian because I was asked to Well, It’s not like it was “asked to”…but From a poll on Instagram it results that most of my followers voted for new videos in Italian than others video in Spanish So […]

Transitions Contact Lens – Unboxing New Acuvue Oasys Transitions Contacts

so in this video we’re gonna be putting on the new Acuvue Oasis with Transitions so that you can see my first impressions of this new contact lens. so let’s take a look. hey everybody this is Dr. Allen here from Doctor Eye Health the channel that helps you with the eyes for vision and […]

Stylish Low Carbon LED Glasses for Night Workers | Safety Glasses Review

Stylish Low Carbon LED Glasses for Night Workers Review LED Light Design Ideal product for those works at night and in dim areas Comes with replaceable eyeglass Fits people of all age with Myopic 1 X Stylish Low Carbon LED Glasses for Night Workers