How To: Bright Lips and Lip Effects + Lip Tips!

Ahhh the wonderful world of lip products Hey beauty lovers You’re watching Rainbow Rocks Beauty Today I’m gonna be showing you a bunch of ways to rock fancy lip colors And lip effects in time for Halloween In case your costume involves a crasy lip. I wanted to make an in-depth lip video With tons […]

NW Alpine Eyebright jacket – OutDoor Show Review

Hi this is Konstantin from Hike Ventures, and I’ve got Bill from Northwest Alpine. So, Bill, would you tell us something about your company? Yeah, so Northwest Alpine has been around since 2010, and we’re focused on apparel for climbing. We do all of our production in our on factory in the United States in […]

Eye making for dolls – Painting the iris and cornea

Hello everybody, how are you? This is Andreja and today I am bringing you another episode of my Eye Making series So we have the bases which we made in the previous episodes As you can see I already started colouring them I will use any nail art that I have around be it gems, […]

How to Draw a Realistic Eye in Colour

Hi, Tom here and welcome to my new video How to Draw an Eye in Color, first draw the top curve of your eye and then a base curve and then we can draw a circle for the iris and a smaller circle for the pupil Next, draw a line for the eyelid Now I […]

Medical Coding Training Online — Glaucoma Coding

Alicia: Q: For glaucoma bilateral dif types and dif stages, code each type but highest stage correct? Thanks, Carolyn A: The fact is that there is a specific role for this. Now, let me just reiterate for some people what glaucoma is because you kind of have to understand what it is to be able […]

How to make resin eyes for BJDs

Hello, everyone. This is Lomi, and in today’s video we’re talking about making doll eyes. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials about eye making, but none of them answered the questions I had when I tackled the project myself. I’ll be using a few methods for different steps of the job, and I’ll share what […]

Cronometer: The Key to Vegan Success? How to Use It.

Hey, it’s Mic here, and I talked about a lot, how it’s a great nutrition tool to track food and learn about what’s in what food, but as many of you have pointed out, I’ve never actually shown you guys how to use it. So today, we are going to do a walkthrough, so […]

Focus Stacking: The Secret to Beautiful Photos

Since I first upgraded to a proper DSLR, I’ve been continually messing around with different techniques to see just what the capabilities of this awesome little device are, and, thus far, I haven’t been disappointed. It’s strange. It’s such a simple device, but it really does seem like, in the hands of a talented user, […]

Decision Tree (01) + Python + SQLite DB + data from file functionality

this folder will contain the decision trees code and this is the code for decision tree tutorial 01 that I download so let’s rename it and let’s create another folder and copy this one and let’s rename this one and this file will create the database and create and populate the weather and the contact […]