I’m 32 and Only Wear Children Clothes!

Some people are so stylish! Like they just know how to rock all those cool outfits. And then there’s me. Let’s take a closer look! When they take photos for Instagram. When I take photos for Instagram. When they go on a date. When I go on a date. When they go workout. When I […]

Canaloplasty with Stegmann Canal Expander for Glaucoma

This is the one I’m most excited about and I think you’ll see why. We’ve been talking about minimally invasive glaucoma surgery and the problem with it; potentially, being minimally effective specially when you compare it to cataract surgery. So Dr. Stegmann, who created Canaloplasty thought, “this is great stuff but can we make it […]

Pterygium Surgery with Amniotic Membrane (AMT) Matthew Rauen Des Moines Iowa

This is Matt Rauen showing an example pterygium surgery with amniotic membrane grafting. We begin the procedure by marking the area of planned conjunctival excision. we do this with a marking pen. In many cases will also utilize the fixation suture in order to move the globe where we need it to be. We use […]

Focus Stacking: The Secret to Beautiful Photos

Since I first upgraded to a proper DSLR, I’ve been continually messing around with different techniques to see just what the capabilities of this awesome little device are, and, thus far, I haven’t been disappointed. It’s strange. It’s such a simple device, but it really does seem like, in the hands of a talented user, […]

The Anunnaki Made Humans Reptilian Alien Hybrids Proof RH Negative Blood Type

in the home there are many different Orjan phiri’s health or its negative but I if do more do more do do dreams code the Co in in in the the %uh in car in and 0 on %uh %uh on %uh %uh on on %uh bust %uh on I’ll %uh the are the 0 […]

Optician Craft: Playing with Custom Lens Shapes

– Hello and welcome to the Laramy-K OpticianWorks Training Center. Where this week I’m giving you something a little bit different. (energetic, bouncy music) Like I said, something kind of special this week. Obviously I’m not in my usual place, wearing my usual attire. This is very off the cuff, I’m actually in, I mean […]

Dr Honassys Responde #32 – É possível ter pressão ocular alta e não possuir glaucoma?

Hello! I´m Honassys Rocha, Clinica do Olho medical director. Today is “Ask the doctor day!” And I´ll talk about high ocular pressure and glaucoma. Use the opening sequence, to give us a like and subscribe to the channel. Diná Brandão asked us through YouTube: Good night, doctor! Is it possible to a person has a […]

ස්මාර්ට් ජංගම දුරකථනය ඔබව අන්ධ කරයිද? Does phone make you blind?

In fact, today we are going to talk about an important topic If you use computer phones læpṭopvagēma This is important Recently took a report published on the Internet Today we talk about him going It is said about education in American universities carried out We talk about him going to opt out Smart Phone […]

Decision Tree (01) + Python + SQLite DB + data from file functionality

this folder will contain the decision trees code and this is the code for decision tree tutorial 01 that I download so let’s rename it and let’s create another folder and copy this one and let’s rename this one and this file will create the database and create and populate the weather and the contact […]

Naive Bayes Tutorial 01 + SQLite DB and file storage + JAVA

I will start by importing this downloaded zip file and let’s go ahead and create a new project and copy this code and create a new package and move those two classes and let’s go ahead and move this code from here and put it here and delete this one and let’s do some code […]