Korean researchers claim successful transplant of pig’s cornea in a monkey

Our next story could bring hope… to millions of people around the world who are suffering from blindness. Korean researchers say… they have successully transplanted the cornea of a pig, onto the eye of a monkey,… which has recovered and maintained its eyesight for more than seven months. Our Yu Joonhee tells us more. A […]

Maquillaje Pinup (Paso a Paso) | Pinup Makeup (Tutorial) ♥ Nena Moreno

Hello lovelies I am Nena Moreno welcome your channel and today we’ll be talking about my daily makeup routine and also some tips on when you want something a little different with some options also hope you enjoy it and if you want to learn more, stay with me and lets start we want to […]

F/GO Nero Fest Rerun- Act 2 (Part 2)- Master and Pupil of Light and Shadow: She Made a BIG Mistake!

To be honest, I recorded this to be the tenth or eleventh battle of the day. Apparently, I failed to kill them both at the same time over and over again. This time, I’m using two Cú Chulainn’s for their “Evasions.” See how this will work out. I also placed all my Sabers and Mash […]

Party Pupils & Audien – This Is How We Do It (Lyrics)

Party Pupils Auien This Is How We Do It Lyrics

BEST Complete Skin Cleansing Routine

Hi, my name is Aimee and welcome to my channel! Today, I’m going to take you through my entire face cleaning routine, complete exfoliation, the full-on everything routine This is my complete routine. This is pretty epic. You’re gonna need about a half an hour to do this routine because it is thorough. These are […]



Subconjunctival Implants for Glaucoma [InnFocus MicroShunt®, Xen 45 Gel Stent]

Essentially, subconjunctival implants. These are implants that are designed to restrict the flow from the anterior chamber, through the sclera, under the conjunctiva, just as Trabeculectomy would. So instead of creating a flap and then trying to tie it down, just right, so you get some percolation fluid. These are actually design to restrict flow […]

Get Ready With Me!! ♥ Skincare, Makeup, Hair and Outfit!

Rise and shine sleepy heads today I’m going to bring you along as I get ready and take you through my skin care, hair and makeup. First things first I gotta make my breakfast, I’m having two hard boiled egg. Some vanilla yogurt, and of course a huge cup of coffee. After breakfast I hop […]