How to Control Pupil Size and Improve Visual Quality – Episode 19

One of the most common complaints we see in our practices is that of blurry vision. Often time, absence of ocular disease, this complaint can be treated with an accurate sphero-cylindrical refraction. But at times, there may be other factors, such as higher order aberrations, limiting a person’s best-corrected visual acuity. Fortunately, we have a […]

Benefits of Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

(Interviewer) Hi today we’re here in the operating room at Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser in Surrey, British Columbia where we’re here with Dr. Chu today to talk about LenSx and how we use it for cataract surgeries and its benefits for patients. We’re going to quickly do a demo in the OR as well. […]

Student architects and pupils join forces to design new classroom

We were approached by one of the parents at St Bart’s school about whether we might be interested in working with them in co-creating a new outdoor learning space for the school and the local community. So, it started with the children coming up with their own designs – almost a hundred in total and […]

Dr. Dia – Taking action against Glaucoma

Dr Dia, thank you for agreeing to do this interview. Why is it important to take action against glaucoma in Africa? First of all, I would like to thank you and the entire team for asking me to take part in this workshop, I feel really honoured. To answer your question on glaucoma – in […]

Parts of a Stethoscope

Headset – The headset is the combined components of the upper half of the stethoscope which include the ear tubes, tension springs and Earpieces. This allows sound to flow efficiently into the ear canal so that their is minimal disturbance from the stethoscope. Chest piece – The chest-piece or head of the stethoscope is composed […]

Glaucoma awareness month

according to the CDC approximately three million Americans are living with glaucoma number that’s projected to increase to five and a half million by 2050 joining me now dr. Kenzo Koike of florida hi specialists and one of dr. Khoi k’s patients judith mcnair to share her experience about managing the disease welcome to both […]

Will the injections hurt? What are the side effects?

[ Music ]>>So most of our patients say that the injections sound alot worse than they are and almost all of them say that the actual procedure doesn’t hurt. The biggest risk to having injections is having an infection in the eye and this is a really serious complication, so thankfully it happens very rarely. […]

Cornea Transplant Surgery | Tewodros Getachew’s | Lyfboat

5 months ago I went to a regular check-up for my eyes I have learned that…. My doctor informed me.. I have… that I have a case of cornea… cornea related problem He said I needed treatment as soon as possible otherwise the case would be .. would be transferred to cornea transplant When I […]

A Model Relating Pupil Diameter to Mental Workload and Lighting Conditions

(inaudible) – There we go. Much better now. Okay, thanks for the introduction and good morning everybody. Today I will present our proof of concept approach on estimating workload to pupil diameter under different lighting conditions. The work I’m presenting has been conducted in collaboration with Drea, Albrecht and Andrew. So, estimating the user’s workload […]

How does the cataract procedure work?

[Music] So how does the cataract procedure work? Well first of all, a cataract is when the lens that lives behind the coloured part of the eye goes from being a crystal-clear droplet of water to a little bit hazy and a little bit frosty and it can give symptoms of blurred vision despite using […]