The Secret Spy Glasses

So every once in a while I let Jack pick an item to be featured here on the show Is it a terrible idea? I think so. You might too. To let Jack do anything in fact Surprised this place hasn’t burned down So what does he do with all of that freedom to select […]

What’s inside Augmented Reality Ski Goggles?

A new way to carpool – QuickRide mobile application

Hello Everyone, hope everyone is fine. Welcome back to the channel! Today we will talk about Quickride mobile application As told in the last video. Quickride application is the new innovative form of service, we are being provided with in the form of car-pooling/bike-pooling. Three major benefits of it are First, for a car owner […]

iFocus What’s New in iOS 11- Apple Accessibility

(positive upbeat music) The Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired presents iFocus: Tips on using the vision accessibility features in iOS. In today’s installment, we’ll look at what’s new in iOS 11. Hello, my name is Douglas Walker. I tell ya, some really great vision accessibility features have been added for us in […]

My Cataract Surgery | vMix 21

okay what I want to talk about today is couple things what I’m using to make us video first time is the mix 21 and it’s probably the most awesome live production video software on the market I’ve used it for years if you haven’t tried it you need to give it a try I’ll […]

Kid’s eyesight ruined after parents let her play on phone every day for a year

A two-year-old Chinese toddler has developed severe short-sightedness after her parents allowed her to play on a mobile every day for a year  The girl Xiao Man, from the Jiangsu province, was recently diagnosed with severe myopia after her parents took her to see a doctor  The youngster is said to have started watching shows […]

Your Mom is an Alien – Epic Science #46

How Technology is Changing our Healthcare

Oh hopefully my slides come up so I’m gonna talk to you today about something that I think can be transformative for healthcare so I just want you to suspend disbelief for a moment if A then B so I’m telling you I can do this deliver high-quality medical imaging better quality than MRI Pat […]

Can PILOTS wear GLASSES ??? Eye Surgery? Contacts? Explain by CAPTAIN JOE

– Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel for one of the most asked questions out there, can a pilot wear glasses? I get this question a lot from young aviation enthusiasts, “Joe I’m worried I can’t become a pilot because my eyesight isn’t the best, and therefore I have to wear glasses. […]