Dr. Honassys Responde #18 – Glaucoma e exercício físico

Hello! I´m Honassys Rocha, Clinica do Olho Medical Director. Today we´ll talk about glaucoma and physical activity. Ana Paula Alves asked us through YouTube: I would like to know if a person with glaucoma can workout. I´m already exercising for a few days. Sometimes I have headache. Is there something in common? God bless you […]


Olho com Glaucoma: Clelia livrou-se do medo!

peter é tatiana comunidade olhos de águia todos que estão me ouvindo eu sou clelia rodrigues e tenho 66 anos aposentado e trabalha no ministério da saúde e descobre o trabalho da cantora tatiana pesquisei na internet sobre o filha ela ajudar o meu filho e fiquei empolgada com os vídeos então logo decidiu fazer […]

Série glaucoma – Episódio 07 / O glaucoma tem cura?

Is glaucoma curable? Glaucoma has control. It doesn´t have cure except in rare cases. We can compare it to a high blood pressure, diabetes. Diseases that demand a treatment maintenance. Is very important to the patient be responsable to keep his/her treatment while ophthalmologist recomendation Some eye drops just as laser, can have their effect […]

Tutorial Glaucoma #7 Glaucoma tem cura? | Is Glaucoma curable?

Can Glaucoma be cured? Hi! This is Doctor Honassys Rocha and in this episode I am going to answer that question. I beg to differ with some YouTube posts claiming that Glaucoma can be cured. Some disorders are usually mistaken for Glaucoma and the most common one is the Ocular Hypertension. High eye pressure does […]

Série glaucoma – Episódio 06 / O glaucoma pode deixar o paciente cego?

Can glaucoma blind a patient? Glaucoma is an important cause of irreversible blindness in Brazil and around the world. That´s why it is so important to prevent it. As soon as we can´t reverse the blindness It is very important to hold the visual field loss. Prevention is made by visual field periodic control, intra […]

Dr Honassys Responde #20 – O Glaucoma é proveniente de quê?

Where does glaucoma come from? This is a question made yesterday by a patient in my office and will be today Ask the Doctor theme. Yesterday I was attending a patient who had a glaucoma suspicion. And she asked me: – Where does glaucoma come from? I thought very interesting this question and solved to […]