Why is talk important for pupils’ learning? | Talk Education Partnership

Mostly what I understand of the importance of talking at school, like for us for the children it helps us to bring out our views, the challenges we face at school, and as we talk we talk to our teachers and they also they feel pain when we tell them and they also help us […]

Schools advice from a pupil in Scotland: “They take bullying very seriously”

My advice would be if you’re getting bullied, go talk to a teacher. If you can’t then talk to your mum and dad about it. If they don’t help then you can always go to the police. They take bullying very seriously.

Peter Halloran on Russia: Perception and reality – why investors miss out on great opportunities

Why investors missed out on Russia Investor perceptions of corporate governance abuses What does the road ahead look like? Evaluating Russia’s political environment What role does the prevalence of corruption play in your decision-making? Managing around corruption in Russia

Lily Jampol, PhD | Diversity Myopia | Tech Inclusion SF 2018

I just want to start off with a very easy question, before I get started with the talk.>>Who, here, has gotten their flu shot this year? Wow. About half of you. That’s pretty responsible. And the rest of you, I’m not really sure what to say, except that I, too, am irresponsible and I was […]