The Secret To Beautiful, Healthy Eyes!

If you love watching glamrs videos and would like to be notified every time we drop a new one, please bash that bell icon below! Good food habits are the key to having a healthy body & mind because as we age, the lifestyle habits we form may weaken our eyesight. So, to keep our […]

A Billion Dreams with Myopia | Myopia Awareness | World Sight Day 2017 | Lotus College of Optometry

Hey Bro.! You played so well. Listen… Bro I have to leave.! Just listen for 2 mins. Here. Take this.! What happened to your bat Today.? Not even a single 6 or 4? Hey Sachin.! Have you gone crazy? You played a foolish shot and got out when team was in great need of you.! […]

What if Glasses were Never Invented? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if Glasses were Never Invented? Simple, people will use telescopes instead of glasses. Stop it AumSum. Glasses are believed to have been invented in the 13th century. Also, it is estimated that. More than 40% of the world’s population wears glasses or contact lenses. If glasses were never invented. People with […]

University of Auckland Optometry c/o 2012 – End of Year Skit + Music Video

When I test your eyes, you need 6/12 so you can drive I know you like to peep, I use a cover paddle so you can’t cheat To try save time, read the first letter of each line Give a pinhole to get more lines, VA improves now that’s a good sign If you’re hyperopic, […]

How do glasses work? | #aumsum

How do glasses work? They work very hard to make us look intelligent and studious. No. When light from an object reaches our eyes, the cornea and lens refract the light. In a person having perfect vision, the refracted light is accurately focused on the retina. The retina then sends information to the brain, informing […]