Why Do We Get Eye Boogers?

I like to think the boogers that wield your eyes shut in the morning is your body’s way of saying you don’t need to open them for 5 more minutes. Hi everyone, it’s Julian here for you at DNews. Ok, so they aren’t actually boogers, but you know that crusty stuff in the corner of […]

Why Do We Have Eyebrows? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS

– [Narrator] If you think about it, eyebrows are kinda weird. Two little strips of hair we have on our face. But why? What do our eyebrows do, and why do we have them? Let’s find out, on today’s episode of Colossal Questions. It might be easy to live your whole, entire life without giving […]

What’s inside Augmented Reality Ski Goggles?

Why Do We Have Eyebrows?

♪ Hey, Squeaks! I have a great idea. I’m going to show you a feeling, like happy or sad, and you have to guess what I’m thinking of, without me saying a word. Got it? [Squeaks squeaks] Do you know what feeling I’m thinking of? [Squeaks squeaks] You’re right — I’m pretending to be scared! […]

Glaucoma: Estudio en Modelos Animales – www.cedepap.tv

How Snapchat’s filters work

JOE: Hey Joss, I have a question for you. Do you know how these Snapchat filters work? like behind the scenes? JOSS: Hmm, I have no idea. JOE: Well do you think you can find out? JOSS: You got it! These are what Snapchat calls their lenses, but everyone else calls filters. They are very […]

4 Plants That Are Great for Humans

They might not be able to pull you out of a freezing lake, or carry you from a burning building, but plants have probably saved your life, or at least made you feel a whole lot better. That’s because, at least in the U.S., a quarter of all prescription drugs come from substances that are […]

Biosimilars: complex copycat drugs

Drugs come in different sizes – from small simple molecules like aspirin, to giant, complex biological drugs like monoclonal antibodies. In recent years, biological drugs – or biologics – have revolutionised treatments for cancers, metabolic diseases and inflammatory disorders. In 2016, roughly a quarter of all global drug sales were biologics. But there’s a problem. […]

Parts of Human Eye : Cornea (JHE02A)

now start our discussion with, the parts of human eye and very first part of human eye we’ll study is cornea. about cornea we can write it is a small portion. in front of. eye ball. which is, bulged. and it is covered. by a transparent. protective, layer. and this layer is called. cornea. here […]