Glaucoma vision restoration- Patient feedback from Mr. Octavio

Grant Comer, MD – Video Profile

– So my patient care philosophy, I very much subscribe to the Golden Rule. I wanna treat the patient as I would wanna be treated myself and kindness is one of the very top things that I wanna convey to my patients. I don’t care who the patient is, how much money they have or […]

Patient Feedback from Glaucoma Patient S

I have glaucoma, primarily in my right eye. My left eye is almost intact. about 100% And the right eye has lost about 33% of the vision, maybe a little more. If you consider my visual field as a circle, which is divided into four equal areas, the lower left part is generally gone. The […]

Retinal Detachment Symptoms and Treatment | How Retinal Detachment is Treated

so if you’ve ever experienced flashing lights new floaters in your vision or progressive vision loss then you’ve probably heard of a retinal detachment and a retinal detachment is one of the most serious eye conditions that can be experienced it can even lead to permanent blindness and in this video we’re going to be […]

Hear Jennifer Tell You Why She Loves What She Does

“Speaker 1: So my name is Jennifer Kielczewski and we’re at the National Institutes of Health, specifically in the National Eye Institute. We’re in the laboratory of immunology. So we work on the eye and specifically we work on uveitis which is an inflammatory eye disease. Anytime you have inflammation inside the eye specifically in […]

Low vision aid using Intel RealSense 3D camera technology

Hey there everybody, I recently gave a presentation at “Retina Day,” a which is a meeting of several thousand retina specialists that occurs in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. I know many of you weren’t able to be at the meeting, so in this video I just want to […]

Eye Floaters No More! New (Natural) Eye Floaters Treatment Research | Doctor Eye Health

so seeing eye floaters can be very bothersome and you may know them as those drifting little spots or cobwebs in your vision and in this video I’m going to be reviewing some new research on a natural eye floaters remedy let’s take a look hello and welcome this is dr. Allen here from the […]

Glaucoma vision restoration- Patient feedback from Mr. Chin