Corneal reflex

The corneal reflex, also known as the blink reflex, is an involuntary blinking of the eyelids elicited by stimulation of the cornea, or bright light, though could result from any peripheral stimulus. Stimulation should elicit both a direct and consensual response. The reflex occurs at a rapid rate of 0.1s. The purpose of this reflex […]

Book Retinoscopy [ Sub – ENG ] – Retinoscopy part 5

Hi to everybody and welcome to OptoTubeChannel, the first Italian YouTube Channel dedicated to Optometry Today let’s talk about Book retinoscopy, a dynamic retinoscopy very intresting whose development is attributed to Apell and Getman, who used it to understand how the visual system acted during cognitive activities. So the goal is to evaluate how patient […]

Reflexes of the Eye – Firstclass

There are four reflex pathways in the eye: the light reflex, the accommodation reflex, the corneal reflex and conjunctival reflex. Today in this video, we are going to talk about the light and accommodation reflexes and their anomalies because they have some similarities in their pathways. The light reflex entails constriction of the pupil when […]