Can LASIK eye surgery remove the need for reading glasses?

[Music] So can laser eye surgery remove the need for reading glasses? The answer is yes. Presbyopia is a condition in which the person loses the ability to focus on distance to near. This is because the lens that lives behind the coloured part of the eye is becoming thicker and stiffer and more difficult […]

Build Your Own Reading Glasses

Philip came in today and he said, “I want something similar to this if not, just like it” So I said, Hey, We have our own line of reading glasses why don’t I just custom make them! So, this was the choice of frame that is very similar to his. All I had to do […]

Retinoscopy Simulator Tutorial – Retinoscopy part 2

Cek Mata Plus

assalamu’alaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh welcome to the ajat optikal channel this time I will discuss eye check plus parents Enjoy watching eye pluses discussed are presbyopia presbyopia will be experienced by everyone including people with normal eyes if people aged 40 years and over will suffer from presbyopia for plus eye checks on parents, we must […]

Why Don’t Other Animals Wear Glasses?

[MUSIC] This episode is supported by The Great Courses Plus [MUSIC] I’ve never seen a gorilla with glasses, a chameleon with contacts, or a moose with a monocle. Although I did see a spectacled bear once. But like 7 out of 10 Americans, my eyes don’t bend light correctly, so I’ve worn glasses since fifth […]

ये लक्षण नजर आए तो समझो आंखे खराब है || If you see these signs, then the eyes is bad || eye problems

If you look at these symptoms, then look, it is bad. We are unable to do any work without eyes. The eyes in the human body are those parts which are most commonly used. Eyes are those senses, due to which we can see the objects. The eyes are the most important knowledge centers in […]

iLASIK Procedure for PRK Patients as Explained by Dr Christenbury

I’m 47 and eleven years ago I had- I believe it was called PRK on one eye, laser surgery on the other; so in the eleven years since, I’ve developed some astigmatism on the laser eye and of course presbyopia just you know, from aging. Would I be a candidate to correct either of those […]

Gejala Rabun Dekat

assalamu’alikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh welcome to the ajat optikal channel this time I will discuss the symptoms of nearsightedness especially in the elderly Do not go anywhere before discussing the symptoms of farsightedness in the elderly Nearsightedness in the elderly is usually called presbyopia caused by hardening of the lens muscle in the eye so the […]

Who makes an ideal candidate for PRESBYOND treatment of ageing eyes ?

[Music] So who makes an ideal candidate for PRESBYOND laser treatment? Presbyopia is the condition where the patient has difficulty focusing from far to near and requires the use of bifocals or varifocal glasses. The ideal candidate is a person who really wants to get rid of glasses because they are an impedance to their […]