Are you a good LASIK Candidate

How would you know if you’re a candidate for LASIK? We have an excellent self-assessment test on the website. The other best way to do it is to come in and let me take a look. Our two main criteria there: Do you wear full-time glasses? Is your cornea able to withstand treatment. Most corneal […]

LASIK- Near or Far Sighted Vision?

Can you fix near and far vision? Well, far vision for people who are nearsighted, is what LASIK was originally designed to do. The farsighted prescription where people have trouble reading, that’s been over the last few years, developed. And so, now, people with farsightedness and astigmatism can actually be treated as well, and that […]

Marcia Gets Her Vision Mojo Back

hi I’m Marsha from Chicago Illinois I’m recently retired after 47 years in the workplace before my cataract surgery my sight was poor that’s one of the reasons I retired everything started to be really cloudy and just my quality of life went down very quickly I felt like I was walking in shadows it […]

Can PILOTS wear GLASSES ??? Eye Surgery? Contacts? Explain by CAPTAIN JOE

– Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel for one of the most asked questions out there, can a pilot wear glasses? I get this question a lot from young aviation enthusiasts, “Joe I’m worried I can’t become a pilot because my eyesight isn’t the best, and therefore I have to wear glasses. […]