Podcast 5: Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking and Keratoconus

Podcast 5 Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking and Keratoconus This series of podcasts is hosted by the Vision Center of Excellence, a joint program of the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs. The podcast series provides concise summaries of issues and reports targeted to Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs vision providers overseeing care for […]

How Does LASIK Work?

The Invisible Diseases We Classify As Eating Disorders, An Interview With Libby Parker #OSFED

welcome to conscious life spaces conversations podcast my name is Amy Adams and I’m your guide on this journey today recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Libby Parker she is not your average nutritionist she has her master’s degree and is a registered dietitian join us today as we discuss the sometimes […]

Your Mom is an Alien – Epic Science #46