Glaucoma – The Nebraska Medical Center

No one needs to go blind from this disease Glaucoma is a disease of the eye that affects the optic nerve, which is the nerve that helps us to see better, and there are many kinds of Glaucoma’s, so it’s a misconception that it’s just one disease and another thing to know about the disease […]

The Role of Inflammation in Dry Eye

Hi, I am a practicing Eye Care Professional, and I would like to tell you a little bit about the latest scientific information on dry eye – an eye condition that affects millions of people. Everyone s eyes produce tears. In healthy eyes, these tears help keep the surface of your eyes well lubricated for […]

Custom Cornea Vision Correction Patient Los Angeles Laser Eye Center

I originally came to the consultation and to Laser Eye Center i was looking at basically three options that were there and after looking at the the benefits of each one of them I went to the custom cornea for my procedure and went with that mainly because i have had had issues at night […]

NCLEX: Preoperative Nursing (2019)

Welcome to this video tutorial on preoperative nursing. You may have heard the term “perioperative nursing” this encompasses the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of the patient’s surgical experience. This video will focus on the preoperative phase we will look at getting a history & physical, patient education, pre-op checklist, and legal & ethical issues. […]

Diamond Vision Scleral Lenses Patient Testimonial

Alright Shelley, how long have you been with the scleral lenses so far? So far, had them about 3 months. What is your opinion about the vision and the comfort with it? Oh, I love the comfort. Comfort is excellent. How many hours a day can you wear them? At least 12, even more. What […]

Cataract – Small Incision Surgery PreOp® Patient Education Medical Video

Your doctor has recommended that you undergo lens replacement surgery to treat a cataract. But what does that actually mean? The human eye is constructed like a camera – with a clear lens in the front. The lens is located just behind the iris. It is contained in an elastic capsule. This capsule will serve […]

Ladarvision Custom Cornea Procedure Los Angeles Laser Eye Center

if you have difficulty making a decision about laser vision correction surgery perhaps waiting for new technology to become available that technology is here the custom cornea procedure involves the most advanced technology available today and in the foreseeable future i’d recommend laser eye center based on my experience and my results i mean i’m […]

The “Becherer Twist” – How Will Your Patient Perform in a Soft Toric Contact Lens?

The “Becherer Twist” – How Will Your Patient Perform in a Soft Toric Contact Lens? So, what do you know about the “Becherer Twist”? No… its not a new dance! This quick test is an oldie but goodie, and can go a long way in saving you chair time. Let me explain. We have all […]

VR MED_device for early diagnosis of glaucoma

I am Aleksei Ermolaev, the director of scientific studies at the Institute of Eye Diseases at the Russian Academy of Science. I work in diagnosis and treatment, operating on severe glaucoma cases. I am also involved in research and teaching. I would like to talk a little bit about glaucoma a serious eye condition which […]

PPA Test [ Sub – ENG ] – Near Point Accomodation part 1

Hi to everybody and welcome to OptoTubeChannel, the first Italian YouTubeChannel dedicated to Optometry Today let’s talk about NPA test or near point of accomodation, a test which give us quantitative and and qualitative informations about the maximum expressible accomodation by a patient so about his/her accomodative skill. So the NPA, the near point of […]