Jurassic Park T-Rex Breakout

Maybe it is the power trying to come back on? What is that? Where’s the goat? Ow Jesus ow Jees. He left us! He left us! Where does he think he’s going? When you got to go you got to go. Dr.Grant? Boy I had been right all the time. Keep absolutely still, his vision […]

2016 Obermeyer Zermatt Womens Jacket Overview by SkisDotCom

Hi I’m Brigitte and this is Slope Style. I’m here with Lisa from Obermeyer and we’re going to talk about the womens Zermatt Jacket. Which is out of your premium line, and I have got to say just looking at it i want to go skiing right now, it has so many awesome features to […]

Robotic Surgery with the DaVinci Available at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

– [Narrator] Healthbreak is brought to you by HCA Virginia Health System. – Henrico Doctors’ Hospital was the first in the US to use the da Vinci robot and this advanced technology is now being applied to many different surgeries. Doctor Eugene Park explains. – We can do diversion of the urinary tract, completely robotically […]