Tips for storing paper money with low vision or blindness – CNIB

Please view the video on using a Bank Note Reader for more information on how to identify individual paper bank notes. There are many different ways to group paper bank notes and it really doesn’t matter how you do it as long as your method works for you. Some people prefer to separate bank notes […]

【四幸丸-紙杯內膜】Is the paper cup safe? 紙杯安全嗎?內層有一層塑膠膜為PE或PP膜,裝熱的可能會溶出有毒物質?

I am Si Xingmao teacher. Paper cup Paper cup for drinks Hello everyone, I am Si Xingmao teacher. Introduction Not introducing coffee Let me introduce the paper cup for coffee. Paper cups are easy to wet or break and so Paper cup Inner layer Use a PE film or PP film Tell us about it […]