Pupil Parliament: Derek Thomas MP reacts to Nancledra Primary School, Penzance

Hello. I’m Derek Thomas, MP for St Ives, West Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly, and Nancledra School. I’m really excited to be watching a Pupil Parliament video – the winning video – from Nancledra, all about plastic and the damage it does to our environment. (Pupils) Hello. I’m David…and I am Attenborough, and welcome […]

Why Do We Have Eyebrows? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS

– [Narrator] If you think about it, eyebrows are kinda weird. Two little strips of hair we have on our face. But why? What do our eyebrows do, and why do we have them? Let’s find out, on today’s episode of Colossal Questions. It might be easy to live your whole, entire life without giving […]

iFocus What’s New in iOS 11- Apple Accessibility

(positive upbeat music) The Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired presents iFocus: Tips on using the vision accessibility features in iOS. In today’s installment, we’ll look at what’s new in iOS 11. Hello, my name is Douglas Walker. I tell ya, some really great vision accessibility features have been added for us in […]

Pupil Equity Funding 2018/19

The Government is allocating £120 million through Pupil Equity Funding to support the education of some of our most vulnerable youngsters around the country, and what I’ve seen here at St Francis Primary School in Dundee is excellent evidence of the improvement and the impact that those resources are making. On supporting young people, improving […]

Why is FIP Difficult to Treat and What Are Its Risk Factors?

Why is FIP difficult treat? The major reason is it’s a virus and, although a lot of veterinarians put their cats on antibiotics, antibiotics do not have a strong or specific effect against viruses. And so that’s basically why our current research is targeted to identifying and characterizing specific, what we call antiviral agents, that […]

Tearing (Watery eyes)

Hi, I’m Dr. Matheson Harris with Utah Oculoplastic Consultants in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our tears are extremely important to the health of our eyes. Without enough tears, our eyes are uncomfortable and our vision suffers. Sometimes, though, we have too many tears and our eyes are wet and blurry. The most common reason for […]

Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC) at SJSU

The Post-Master’s People Personnel Services Credential Program is a post- masters opportunity to train school social workers that are gonna be working in K through 12 public school settings and that program is important because social workers, after they earn their master’s degree are looking for this extra credential to serve in those settings. Many […]

Prevent Glaucoma and See 27 Miles Farther

Prevent Glaucoma and See 27 Miles Farther Glaucoma is a deterioration of our optic nerve, the nerve that connects our eyes to our brain, and is second only to cataracts as the world’s leading cause of blindness. The weird thing is that we still don’t know what causes it, and so there’s a desperate search […]

iPads For Pupil Engagement – Part 2 of Lane End Primary School’s Digital Journey

Assistant Head teacher, Mr Williams: We’ve now had the iPads for about half a term and we’ve been rolling those out gradually to our top and bottom of the school, so we’ve been using them with our Key stage 2 pupils, ie years 5 and 6, and our Early Foundation Years children. As we progress […]