Less Hassle With Dropless Cataract Surgery | Kare11 | Chu Vision Institute

Cataract surgery is a common procedure as people age. Having them removed can save your vision. But recovering from the surgery can be inconvenient and costly for patients. There’s a new option available though that could save a patient money. Kare 11’s Renee Tessman has the details all new at 6. It was a freeway […]

Can You Take Steroid Eye Drops With Glaucoma For Dry Eye?

Bar Owens asks would you use steroid drops short-term for dry eye on a person with severe glaucoma? I mean I would say if you know that you’re… I mean nobody really knows they’re not a steroid responder until you take steroids but as long as you are not a steroid responder meaning somebody that […]

Eye Examination

Are you having an Eye Exam? Does that make you feel worried about failing a test? Well, eye exams aren’t like school exams. It’s just a check-up for your eyes. Having your eyes checked is called an eye examination or eye exam. It means you will visit an eye doctor like Maryam. Eye doctors are […]

Dr. Katie Brown, Optometrist – UAMS Jones Eye Institute

Hi, my name is Dr. Katie Brown and I am an optometrist at the UAMS Jones Eye Institute. I think the eye is very interesting because it is a very small organ that is extremely complicated. I don’t think I’ll ever be done learning about the eye, again it’s connection with systemic disease that’s very […]

Best Optometrist in New York City NYC

When searching for the right optometrist in New York City, NYC, keep these important things in mind. An Optometrist doesn’t just diagnose nearsightedness and farsightedness. They can help diagnose diabetes and high blood pressure. Along with prescribe medication can surgery. The following are three vital tips to help you find the optometrist that’s right for […]

TSO Downtown | Cataracts

(Frequently Asked Question) (What is a Cataract?) Hi I’m Dr Van Nguyen from Downtown Texas State Optical. One of the questions I get asked quite often is: What are cataracts? Cataracts are, when the lens and the eye start aging; It can be due to a variety of reasons like: UV Light sun damage, or […]

Eye Health Comes Into Focus – On The Balancing Act!

MUSIC Well, here’s a technology shocker for you. The average person looks at their phone – get this – more than 100 times a day. My teenager, over 500 times a day. And while that might be great for your social media following or your email inbox. It is not necessarily doing your eyes any […]

Spectacle Lens Thickness and Anti-Reflective Sales Tool

(hip-hop beat) – [Announcer] Selling patients on lens options that are aesthetically pleasing for them should be a tangible experience. In this example here, I made a pair of glasses that’s a minus five. One lens is 1.67 hi-index, and the other CR-39. Also, one lens has premium anti-reflective, and the other lens has no […]

Book Retinoscopy [ Sub – ENG ] – Retinoscopy part 5

Hi to everybody and welcome to OptoTubeChannel, the first Italian YouTube Channel dedicated to Optometry Today let’s talk about Book retinoscopy, a dynamic retinoscopy very intresting whose development is attributed to Apell and Getman, who used it to understand how the visual system acted during cognitive activities. So the goal is to evaluate how patient […]


Hello everyone my name is DO CHAU CAT TUONG and today I’m competing for the New Zealand Video Contest 2017 with the topic new thinking new orientation So before i tell you what my career path passion is Let’s quickly go through a few piece of information I’ve found Do you know how many people […]