Costa Del Mar Rincon Sunglasses Preview

This is a special preview to one of the new releases that Costa Del Mar has for the Costa Rincon R-I-N-C-O-N Rincon. That is how you pronounce it if you speak Spanish. If you don’t speak Spanish you might say Rincon, which is perfectly fine too. So, a special thanks to William out at Haskell […]

How do I prepare my child with a learning disability for using healthcare services?

At the ‘What Why Children in Hospital’ we’ve been asking parents of children with learning disability, about what they need to help them and their child when they’re visiting the hospital, when they have an appointment with the dentist or the optician. Of course, you know your child, and you know what’s best for them, […]

How cataract surgery is carried out

This animation will show how surgery is used to correct a cataract. This operation is called phacoemulsification cataract surgery. Click the navigation arrows below the animation screen to play, pause, rewind or fast-forward the animation. This animation contains sound. Here we show the different parts of the eye. A contract is caused by changes in […]

Intermittent Fasting Treats Glaucoma

Today is a big day people, Intermittent Fasting and how it is the new treatment for glaucoma. It treats it in two different ways and I’ve got the clinical studies to prove it. The number one way is: It protects and preserves the optic nerve from damage when pressures go up, and 2. it lowers […]

How To Have The Thinnest Rx Lenses

It’s Your Progressive Lens Expert! You have a high near-sighted eyeglasses prescription and today I show you some techniques that you should coordinate with your optician so that you can end up having the thinnest lenses you could possibly have. Most opticals owners, whenever they need employees on their sales floors, they hire them but […]

Wisdom of Wellbeing – Eye Health

Your eyes are an important part of your health and overall wellbeing. In fact, almost 80% of everything you learn is through your eyes. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends a yearly dilated eye exam for everyone over the age of 65, anyone with diabetes and those on high-risk medications. Faculty member Dr. Nathalie Guibord […]

There’s more to vision than meets the eye

You don’t. You don’t see things with your eyes. True, you look at things with your eyes but you see with your brain. Your eyes are merely the gateway. For decades, man has tested the eyes to better understand how we see. Yet the real answers lie somewhere deeper. Because what’s in front of your […]

Spectacle Lens Thickness and Anti-Reflective Sales Tool

(hip-hop beat) – [Announcer] Selling patients on lens options that are aesthetically pleasing for them should be a tangible experience. In this example here, I made a pair of glasses that’s a minus five. One lens is 1.67 hi-index, and the other CR-39. Also, one lens has premium anti-reflective, and the other lens has no […]

How Premium AR Coatings Are Made

(voices in static) – Stop paying those outrageous lab bills. Stop waiting for your AR coats. That’s right, if you act now buy one can of Bob’s AR in a Can, we’ll send you a second can free. It’s as easy as shake, rattle, and spray. Start saving today. (voices in static) (dynamic music) Hello, […]