Retinal Detachment Symptoms and Treatment | How Retinal Detachment is Treated

so if you’ve ever experienced flashing lights new floaters in your vision or progressive vision loss then you’ve probably heard of a retinal detachment and a retinal detachment is one of the most serious eye conditions that can be experienced it can even lead to permanent blindness and in this video we’re going to be […]

Ocular Hypertension Glaucoma

>>Ocular hypertension occurs when the pressure inside the eye is higher than normal or higher than 21. Your drain in your eye does not work perfectly. This leads to an increase in eye pressure. Having high eye pressure puts you at risk for developing glaucoma or damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve acts […]

Glaucoma: What it is, how to prevent or treat it | Ohio State Medical Center

Glaucoma at its simplest is damage to the optic nerve, typically as a result of an elevated pressure inside the eye. One of the biggest risk factors is genetics. So if you have a family member, particularly a sibling with glaucoma, that does put you in a much higher risk for developing it going forward. […]

ADCIS Vertical Products : Aries : Automatically process images of the cornea

ARIES rapidly and accurately analyzes the in vivo confocal micrographs of the central cornea, yielding quantitative results to describe the nerve network, and the distribution of dendritic immune cells and wing cells ARIES can automatically detect the layer that contains the nerves (Best Nerve Layer) ARIES automatically extracts the wingcells and computes measurements Immune Cells […]

Low vision aid using Intel RealSense 3D camera technology

Hey there everybody, I recently gave a presentation at “Retina Day,” a which is a meeting of several thousand retina specialists that occurs in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. I know many of you weren’t able to be at the meeting, so in this video I just want to […]

New laser treatment for glaucoma | Ohio State Medical Center

We’re in an exciting time in glaucoma right now cause we have so many different options for treatment. When we consider things like laser treatment, there’s both inside-of-the-clinic laser treatment options and inside-the-operating-room laser treatment options. Inside the clinic, if you are on a single medication or even have a new diagnosis of glaucoma and […]

Uveitic Glaucoma

>>Uveitic glaucoma can be a complication of uveitis. Uveitis occurs when the iris, the part of the eye that is brown, gray, blue, or green, becomes inflamed. Inflammatory cells inside the eye can clog the eye’s drain. Steroid eye drops are used to calm the inflammation but these steroid drops can also cause the eyes […]

Dr. Jeff Goldberg: Glaucoma Research Foundation and Catalyst for a Cure

I was asked to just give a few minutes to talk about the future of glaucoma diagnosis and treatment, and why those two are so inextricably linked. We all have to remember what we’re talking about when we’re talking about glaucoma. The icons – the scions in our field who really developed the way we […]

Pigmentary Glaucoma

>>Pigmentary glaucoma occurs when the iris, the part of the eye that is brown, gray, blue, or green, sheds pigment particles that clog up the eye’s internal drain. This happens because the shape of your particular iris makes it rub against the structures behind it. This leads to a gradual increase in eye pressure. The […]

What does the future of glaucoma treatment look like?

Glaucoma surgery has entered into a very, very exciting time. I’m personally involved in 15 glaucoma trials at the moment as either a principal investigator or chief investigator and many of these are a new glaucoma implant. So, they are, for example, implants including a slow-release glaucoma medication which I inject into the eye, which […]