Dr. Jeff Goldberg: Glaucoma Research Foundation and Catalyst for a Cure

I was asked to just give a few minutes to talk about the future of glaucoma diagnosis and treatment, and why those two are so inextricably linked. We all have to remember what we’re talking about when we’re talking about glaucoma. The icons – the scions in our field who really developed the way we […]

Pigmentary Glaucoma

>>Pigmentary glaucoma occurs when the iris, the part of the eye that is brown, gray, blue, or green, sheds pigment particles that clog up the eye’s internal drain. This happens because the shape of your particular iris makes it rub against the structures behind it. This leads to a gradual increase in eye pressure. The […]

What does the future of glaucoma treatment look like?

Glaucoma surgery has entered into a very, very exciting time. I’m personally involved in 15 glaucoma trials at the moment as either a principal investigator or chief investigator and many of these are a new glaucoma implant. So, they are, for example, implants including a slow-release glaucoma medication which I inject into the eye, which […]

Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma

>>Pseudoexfoliation glaucoma occurs when you have pseudoexfoliation material that builds in the drain of your eye. The pseudoexfoliation material are little white flakes that peel off the structures inside the eye. The flakes build up in the drain of the eye and cause it to drain fluid more slowly. This leads to a gradual increase […]

Glaucoma Suspect

>>You are a glaucoma suspect because you have a risk of developing glaucoma. Your eye doctor thinks that your optic nerve looks suspicious for developing glaucoma as you age. The optic nerve acts like the electricity cable that connects the eye to the brain. When it is damaged, it can no longer bring strong vision […]

Normal Tension Glaucoma

>>Most glaucoma is caused by high eye pressure. However, your glaucoma has developed even though your pressure is in the normal range. That is because the pressure is still too high for your particular optic nerve. Researchers are working to understand why some optic nerves are damaged even with eye pressures that are within the […]

The importance of lifelong glaucoma treatment| Ohio State Medical Center

A common misconception among I think a lot of patients is that glaucoma is like another medical condition where once you treat it you can consider it to be cured or stable. And the important thing to understand about glaucoma is that it’s a lifelong process that requires a partnership between the patient and the […]

Symptoms and treatment for glaucoma | Ohio State Medical Center

The reason that the disease can be dangerous is that it typically doesn’t have a lot, if any, early signs that you’re suffering from the disease. For angle-closure glaucoma, typically you will experience rapid-onset eye pain with blurry vision, sometimes a headache, sometimes even it’s severe enough that it causes nausea and vomiting. That’s a […]

Traumatic Glaucoma

>>Traumatic glaucoma is caused by injuries that badly bruise the eye. Traumatic glaucoma can occur soon after the injury or many years later but will only affect the eye that was injured. Blood and debris from the injury can block the eye’s drainage system. The drain itself can also rip from the trauma. These issues […]