Norovirus leaves school on lockdown: Mass super-virus breakout forces pupils to stay home – News 24

 Howden School students have been sent home with the school now on lockdown due to an outbreak of the highly infectious disease that triggers vomiting and diarrhoea The school will not reopen until Thursday morning in an attempt to kill off the infection and stop it spreading Headteacher Mr Cannon penned a letter to parents […]

What is Vision Impairment? – Vision Awareness Training Part One

What is vision impairment Causes of sight loss My visual impairment is called congenital nystagmus and I’ve had it since I was born and it’s an involuntary eye movement. Because I’m partially sighted I do have a good level of vision, so I can see around me but I just need adaptations. Working in a […]

Artificial intelligence now able to diagnose cancer as accurately as doctors can

Artificial intelligence can diagnose cancer as accurately as trained doctors, British scientists report The breakthrough discovery is set to revolutionise healthcare, with its “enormous potential” for improving the precision and speed of diagnosis It appears to detect diseases from medical imaging with “similar levels of accuracy as healthcare professionals,” said the researchers Known as “deep […]

Blind children to have their sight restored on the NHS

Blind children will have their sight restored on the NHS by revolutionary gene therapy that costs £300,000 per eye Until now babies born with retinal dystrophies disorder, a genetic condition that robs them of their vision through childhood, have had no treatment options But from January they will benefit from a ‘miracle cure for blindness’ […]