Russia: Putin addresses all-new Sochi elite school pupils on nation’s Knowledge Day

[The legacy] of the Sochi Olympics is already working on the country, on its development and on its future. A new children’s educational centre was created in addition to modern roads, power plants, hotels, social, and of course sports facilities. Sirius must become a key element in our national system to support talented and active […]

Is It Time For An Eye Exam?

Healthy Vision Month encourages eye exams and eye health steps. I’m Erin White and this is a dailyRx Minute. According to the CDC, problems with vision become more common as people age and tend to hit harder among certain groups. With May being Healthy Vision Month, organizers are encouraging the public to be aware of […]

DEBUNKED: That Stupid Joe Biden Conspiracy Theory

Okay. We have to deal today with what is unfortunately an increasingly repeated conspiracy theory about Joe Biden and Ukraine that spreading as a result of the recent new Trump collusion allegation, which is that Donald Trump is withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from Ukraine until such time that Ukraine decides to […]

WATCH: Tech Crunch SF Disrupt 2019: Day two October 3, 2019

Eye Condition Did Not Seem To Cause Long Term Troubles For Kids

Some infections that a woman may develop during pregnancy can be passed along to her baby, but this doesn’t necessarily mean long-term problems for her child. I’m Erin White for the dailyRx News Network. A recent study found that children born with a condition called toxoplasmosis had relatively good outcomes later on. Toxoplasmosis is a disease […]

Hunting for Ebola among the bats of the Congo

Two hours after midnight the scientists begin their day. Starting with full containment gear. Even though they are in a totally different environment then they are used to —a hot,muggy, buggy, night in a jungle tent — not a high-level containment facility in Montana– the dangers are the same. These researchers are catching bats in […]