Pesquisa Afirma que Este Alimento Melhora a Visão e Previne Cegueira, Descubra!

Did you know that about 75% of partial or total loss of vision be avoided and even reversed? This statement by WHO raises a about how we can act in a way that prevent blindness. Blindness is nothing more than a condition characterized by the loss of the ability to to see, which may be […]

Se Você está Vendo Moscas Volantes, Veja o Que Fazer Com Elas

You are living a beautiful sunny day around outdoors, and when it enters the enclosed house and dark, begins to see black dots, and have a blurred vision. Has this ever happened to you? These points are called floats. eyepieces. Do you know what this is? Eye floats are those points tiny spots or spots […]