Why is talk important for pupils’ learning? | Talk Education Partnership

Mostly what I understand of the importance of talking at school, like for us for the children it helps us to bring out our views, the challenges we face at school, and as we talk we talk to our teachers and they also they feel pain when we tell them and they also help us […]

170. 3D-Printed Cornea

Hey guys and welcome to goodness! I have my voice back!! YAY! Today’s goodness is about the world’s first 3D printed cornea! The cornea is the outermost layer of our eyeballs, and is super important in helping us to focus our vision! But there is a huge lack of corneas available for transplants, which are […]

Pupil dilation test – Intro to Psychology

So, in fact, it’s the introverts, because remember, they respond more to stimulation than extroverts. And this is seen even in constriction of the eye, to light. So this study confirms Eysenck’s basic assumption and prediction that there’s a biological basis for introversion, extroversion and this includes sensory stimulation.

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory

It’s a scientific fact that the hormones of stress downregulate genes and create disease. Long-term effects. Human beings because of the size of the neocortex, we can turn on the stress response just by thought alone as I think about our problems and turn on those chemicals That means then our thoughts Could make us […]

Vision Booster

– I’m here to talk to you about the subject that I’m most passionate about in life, which is vision. Living our big, bold vision. I believe that if everybody was connected to their big, bold vision in life the world would be a much better place. Think about it. Think about the light bulb. […]


Good morning guys Day 2 Ready to work I’m on my own in the changing room unfortunately because the team has got a game and when you’re injured you’re almost on your own all the time but it’s alright will find a way to work harder I’ve got to the team the medical staff ready […]

Nearsightedness and the eye – Intro to Psychology

>>So Andy, when you were talking to Susan, you mentioned nearsightedness. Now, what did you mean by that?>>So, people who are nearsighted have a hard time seeing things that are far away. They can only see things that are close, or near to them.>>So, Andy, are you nearsighted? You have the.>>Yes. When I take my […]

Pitch – Intro to Psychology

This wave has the largest, what we call, amplitude which is this distance from this imaginary middle line up to the peak. All these other waves have smaller amplitudes. It’s this amplitude of the wave that controls the loudness and the loudness of a sound is measured in something called decibels.>>So, is amplitude the only […]

Farsightedness – Intro to Psychology

Well, nearsightedness focuses the image somewhere around here in front of the retina. I know it doesn’t focus on the retina, because that’s perfect vision. So, it has to be here, behind the retina.>>Exactly Lauren, and this happens when the retina doesn’t bend the light far enough. So, we have a situation something like this. […]