Tips for storing paper money with low vision or blindness – CNIB

Please view the video on using a Bank Note Reader for more information on how to identify individual paper bank notes. There are many different ways to group paper bank notes and it really doesn’t matter how you do it as long as your method works for you. Some people prefer to separate bank notes […]

Taking the Work Out of Networking

hi its Jill Schlesinger on this episode of Jill on money are you your own worst enemy when it comes to networking if your work is sending you to a conference then don’t hide in the corner might be open while you’re there it doesn’t mean personally open obviously about everything it just means you […]

WATCH: Tech Crunch SF Disrupt 2019: Day two October 3, 2019

WATCH: Tech Crunch SF Disrupt 2019: Day three October 4, 2019