Glaucoma Requires Ongoing Care and Testing

(bright music) – You can be born with glaucoma, so of course there’s a pediatric population with glaucoma. And then the more common glaucoma patient tends to be older. I have people who are in their 30s with glaucoma, and there are people in their 90s with glaucoma. It’s a chronic disease, so once someone […]


– Hi, everyone, and welcome to our Michigan Medicine live event. I’m Ed Bottomley with the Michigan Medicine Department of Communication, and today’s topic is LASIK. I’m joined by our three guests. In the middle, we have Dr. Christopher Hood, a cornea specialist at Kellogg Eye Center where he performs refractive surgery and evaluates and […]

Astigmatism and Cataracts: Advanced Laser Surgery Available

(upbeat music) – Astigmatism is when your eye, rather than being shaped like a basketball, is shaped more like a football, and what that means is that images are stretched in a certain direction. This is something that most patients wear glasses for and are able to compensate with the glasses that they wear. The […]