New Advances in Glaucoma Treatment (Jella An, MD)

Betty Evans retired from Ellis Fischel Cancer Center. Eleven years later, she still hasn’t left. “My first thing that I love to do is to come to the boutique and volunteer.” Twice a week, you’ll find her volunteering in the Ellis Boutique gift shop. So when her vision started causing problems, Betty went to see […]

Researcher comment: The C-VIEW 48-week interim results | Irene van der Horst-Bruinsma

[MUSIC PLAYING] The C-VIEW trial’s very interesting– because it’s one of the limited trials that has been performed in axial SpA– to see whether the TNF inhibitor Cimzia, the certolizumab pegol, is able not only to reduce disease activity in ankylosing spondylitis, but also recurrence rate of uveitis, anterior uveitis, which is pretty common in […]

Glaucoma – The Nebraska Medical Center

No one needs to go blind from this disease Glaucoma is a disease of the eye that affects the optic nerve, which is the nerve that helps us to see better, and there are many kinds of Glaucoma’s, so it’s a misconception that it’s just one disease and another thing to know about the disease […]

Treatments for Glaucoma | McFarland Clinic

We are having more and more options for the treatment of glaucoma. We typically start with eyedrops, and here we have several options and several families of eyedrops that we can use basically to lower the eye pressure. If eyedrops don’t work, we can do a laser. If laser and eyedrops don’t work, we have […]

Does Castor Oil Help with Cataracts?

– Welcome everyone, hey. Does mom really, always know best? – Yes – If it’s your mom, for sure! – Almost always But today we are fact checking on her because this is our segment called Stuff My Mom Forwards Me. (audience claps) And you know mom’s sometimes forwards things that aren’t always right. We […]

Canaloplasty Procedure for Glaucoma, Animation.

Canaloplasty is a newer, less invasive surgical procedure performed for treatment of open angle glaucoma. The procedure involves enlargement of the eye’s natural drainage canal – the Schlemm’s Schlemm’s canal. In this procedure: – A small opening is made in the sclera to gain access to the Schemm’s canal. – A microcatheter, essentially a fiber-optic […]

Trabeculectomy Surgery for Glaucoma, Animation.

Trabeculectomy, also called Filtration Surgery, is a surgical procedure performed for treatment of glaucoma. The treatment involves removing part of the trabecular meshwork and creating a new escape route for the aqueous humor. When successful, it allows the aqueous fluid to drain from the eye into an area underneath the conjunctiva where it is subsequently […]

Extra Toenail? Find out How to Treat This Foot Issue!

The following program contains images of an actual surgical procedure that may be graphic and disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children. Alright, our next question actually comes from one of our very own Associate Producers, Olivia, who is back in the procedure room with Podiatrist Dr. Ali […]

What is Glaucoma? | McFarland Clinic

Glaucoma is a condition where we lose retinal cells and if not treated we ultimately lose vision. Many times the pressure in the eye is elevated, but not always. And it is a chronic condition–once you have glaucoma, it’s practically for life and needs to be treated. The most common type–what we called Chronic Open […]