Tips for storing paper money with low vision or blindness – CNIB

Please view the video on using a Bank Note Reader for more information on how to identify individual paper bank notes. There are many different ways to group paper bank notes and it really doesn’t matter how you do it as long as your method works for you. Some people prefer to separate bank notes […]

Technology & Accessibility: Low Vision Solutions for Glaucoma

>>Hello everyone. Thank you for joining as. Thank you for the people who came in person as well. >>January is Glaucoma awareness month so we thought today we would demonstrate some of the technology available for individuals that have Glaucoma or even other low vision disabilities.>>We will start off with software on the computer and […]

(Audio Description) Meet Brett: Designing Windows accessibility features

>>My name is Brad Humphrey. I’m a senior program manager on the Windows accessibility team. Our team is primarily focused on how do you help those who are low and no vision use computers? For example, how would someone who’s blind interact and read the web, and write an email, and communicate with friends, really […]

Desktop Magnifiers – what do they do?

Henshaws: Products. Supporting people with sight loss and a range of other disabilities to go beyond expectations. Electronic magnifiers, Optelec Clearview speech Welcome to Henshaws’ Tips, Tricks and Tech, today we’re going to talk a little bit about magnifiers, so some of you might think of a magnifier that looks a bit like that, so […]

Living With Low Vision: Stories of Hope and Independence (Joma Leonard)

[Music] When I was little, I went to the eye doctor. The eye doctor, he was very, very direct. He said, “Well, I have some good news and I have some bad news. The bad news is your vision won’t get any better. The good news is your vision won’t get any worse.” My name […]

All About Eyes: Low Vision

Even with all the great treatments that are available for diabetes and diabetic retinopathy and even with all the efforts of our retina specialists in treating diabetic retinopathy, there are some people that still go on and lose vision from diabetic retinopathy and if your vision drops below the level of 20-40 you are actually […]

Demonstration of Chester Creek Big Blu Vision Bluetooth Keyboard

This is the Chester Creek Big Blu Vision Keyboard. This is a great keyboard for folks that have low vision or difficulty with fine motor dexterity. And this is because the text on the buttons is actually 250% larger than a traditional keyboard and also the keys are one inch square Which is much larger […]

See through My Eyes | A Low Vision Simulation

hello everyone welcome back to legally blind I am very excited about this video because I have literally been thinking for years about how best to show people who ask me what my eyesight is like or what the world looks like to me and I have finally figured out a way to actually show […]