Life Without Glasses and LASIK: 3 Steps to Clear Vision Now!

welcome to another addition of it your weekly consultation with the washington d_c_ areas best doctors and professionals our guest experts help you learn about the latest medical advances and procedures by providing you with the real information necessary to help you eliminate the dangers of making the wrong medical and cosmetic enhancement positions get […]

Brian Billick’s Life Without Glasses – Cataract Surgery | Katzen Eye Group

(relaxing music) – I can’t remember a time where football wasn’t a huge part of my life. That’s what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to be a coach. I wanted to stay engaged in the game. I’m Brian Billick. I was in Baltimore for a total of nine seasons. In year two, […]

Life Without Glasses – A Skier’s Story | KAMRA Inlay in Baltimore, Maryland at Katzen Eye Group

– So when we’re skiing and we get to the top of the mountain, I’m excited to take a look around and see where we are, especially on the very first run. But what’s frustrating is I can’t read the trail map. I can’t see who I’m following because everybody kinda looks alike sometimes with […]