Learning About Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease that has no symptoms and can cause blindness. It is totally asymptomatic in its early, and into its late stages. That’s the reason examinations for glaucoma need to be performed. Glaucoma is a plumbing problem in the eye caused by high eye pressure. Largely, patients adjust to the high eye pressure […]

Why is talk important for pupils’ learning? | Talk Education Partnership

Mostly what I understand of the importance of talking at school, like for us for the children it helps us to bring out our views, the challenges we face at school, and as we talk we talk to our teachers and they also they feel pain when we tell them and they also help us […]

What does pedagogue mean?

What does pedagogue mean? pedagogue. Noun 1. A teacher or instructor of children; one whose occupation is to teach the young. 2. A pedant; one who by teaching has become overly formal or pedantic in his or her ways; one who has the manner of a teacher. For example, (Can we find and add a […]

Pupil dilation test – Intro to Psychology

So, in fact, it’s the introverts, because remember, they respond more to stimulation than extroverts. And this is seen even in constriction of the eye, to light. So this study confirms Eysenck’s basic assumption and prediction that there’s a biological basis for introversion, extroversion and this includes sensory stimulation.

Primary School Pupils as Coding Ambassadors in Finland – Collaborative Learning

Educational technology is a tool to assist in teaching. To use technology most effectively in education requires skilled teachers and appropriate pedagogy. The teachers need to use teaching methods which utilize technology in the best way. Collaborative learning is the learners’ interaction process, which the teacher facilitates. Teachers and the students’ cooperation is essential in […]

What does glaucoma mean?

What does glaucoma mean? glaucoma. Noun 1. (pathology) ; An eye disease or disorder that is defined as a characteristic optic neuropathy, or disease of the optic nerve, possibly, if untreated, leading to damage of the optic disc of the eye and resultant visual field loss due to lack of communication between the retina and […]