Custom Cornea Vision Correction Patient Los Angeles Laser Eye Center

I originally came to the consultation and to Laser Eye Center i was looking at basically three options that were there and after looking at the the benefits of each one of them I went to the custom cornea for my procedure and went with that mainly because i have had had issues at night […]

Ladarvision Custom Cornea Procedure Los Angeles Laser Eye Center

if you have difficulty making a decision about laser vision correction surgery perhaps waiting for new technology to become available that technology is here the custom cornea procedure involves the most advanced technology available today and in the foreseeable future i’d recommend laser eye center based on my experience and my results i mean i’m […]

“How do I know if I’m a candidate for LASIK?” LASIK MD’s Dr. Christopher Jackman explains

90% of all people between the ages of 18 and 65, who are either nearsighted, farsighted, or who have astigmatism, are excellent candidates for the procedure. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in laser technology and diagnostics, we now treat a wider range of patients with laser vision correction – including those with astigmatism and people with […]

Life Without Glasses and LASIK: 3 Steps to Clear Vision Now!

welcome to another addition of it your weekly consultation with the washington d_c_ areas best doctors and professionals our guest experts help you learn about the latest medical advances and procedures by providing you with the real information necessary to help you eliminate the dangers of making the wrong medical and cosmetic enhancement positions get […]

Shameema Sikder, M.D. | Ophthalmology

>>My name is Shameema Sikder and I am an assistant professor at the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins. I’m a cornea, cataract, and refractive surgeon with a clinical interest in keratoconus, Fuchs’, and complex cataracts. My patient care philosophy is centered around education. It’s very important that my patients understand what their disease process […]

Lasik at Chu Vision Institute

LASIK is one of the greatest procedures that we perform because in such a short period of time with no discomfort to the patient, we can actually transform their lives. We improve their vision, they see better and it actually changes the way they live their life. From the time they’re a young kid having […]

Laser Vision Correction Surgery Through Kelly’s Eyes

I like to garden, I like to run, I like to be outside, and glasses were not really a fit for that. You can’t run with glasses, and having to wear the contacts every single day became- that is a hassle as well. I think I’ve always wanted Lasik, I stayed away from it simply […]

Dr. Roberto Zaldivar & Dr. Roger Zaldivar: Our reasons to buy the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS

Six months ago I tried to decide to get the best laser that I think is available in the market and I need the laser who is very fast, very precise, very prestigious and very efficient. The SCHWIND AMARIS 1050 has several advantages over the competition and that’s why, when we had to take the […]

What is KAMRA and can it help my presbyopia? | Dr. Reed Explains – Sacramento Ophthalmologist

One of the most unhappy, and sometimes desperate, patients you see is the person who’s had fantastic distance, and near vision all their life, until they hit their mid-40s and suddenly their arms aren’t long enough. They can’t read anything. They can’t see their cellphone. They can’t read their iPad. They can’t see their computer […]

Monovision patient Amanda shares her Griffin & Reed Eye Care experience | Sacramento Ophthalmology

Amanda Wright, I’m a management analyst for a public agency I recently had Monovision [LASIK] performed by Dr. Kim. Well, I’ve been wearing contact lenses for many years; I’ve been in glasses since I was 13 years old. And my so severely nearsighted—I was legally blind—I couldn’t drive without glasses. And I become so reliant […]