Cynthia’s Cataract Surgery at Chu Vision

Hi, I’m Cynthia and I think 11 years ago I came to Dr. Chu to get my Lasik eye surgery done. I was so impressed with him and his quality of everything, procedures, the people he was working for him, the clinic, everything. It was the only place I knew I’d go for any other […]

How Does LASIK Work?

Laser Eye Surgery: What to look for in a Laser Treatment Clinic

Lasik at Chu Vision Institute

LASIK is one of the greatest procedures that we perform because in such a short period of time with no discomfort to the patient, we can actually transform their lives. We improve their vision, they see better and it actually changes the way they live their life. From the time they’re a young kid having […]

What Getting Laser Eye Surgery Is Really Like | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

Lasik really is a ten minute procedure that’s done with outcomes that are immediate and miraculous. My name is Emily Colorado, I’m 33 and I’m getting Lasik eye surgery done today. I’m nearsighted, so I can’t see far. And I also have an astigmatism, which means that the curvature of my cornea is a little […]

Christopher Hood, MD – Video Profile

– So my specialty is cataracts, cornea, and refractive surgery. And I chose it because, to me, it’s one of the most exciting areas in ophthalmology. We have a chance to treat patients of all ages, patients that have eyes that need surgical treatment, eyes that can be treated medically in the office, or as […]

Može li se laserskom korekcijom vida ukloniti astigmatizam?

Astigmatizam je naprosto dioptrija koja je identična kratkovidnosti ili dalekovidnosti, ali samo u jednoj osi. Prema tome, ona se potpuno normalno uklanja baš kao i kratkovidnost i dalekovidnost. Nešto je kompliciranija ako je riječ o iregularnom astigmatizmu ali već dans i takve astigmatizme korigiramo pomoću najnovijih Wavefront vođenih lasera.

Može li se laserskom korekcijom vida ukloniti staračka dalekovidnost (prezbiopija)?

What eye conditions are treated by surface laser eye surgery?

[Music] So surface laser eye surgery is a proven treatment. It has been done for many, many years and has an excellent reputation. It can be used for the treatment of shortsightedness, or myopia. In myopia the person can see things up close clearly but in the distance they are quite blurry. Conversely it can […]