Benefits of short breaks for pupils with special educational needs

Hello! My name’s Susie and I’m 16. And my name is Josh Burns and I’m 14 years old. What it is, is that you get to go out places. Erm, like, erm, Falmouth, Truro, I go, we go with some friends. And I go with my helper Jenny as well. It’s a very, very good […]

Pearls of Wisdom from Leslie Jones, M.D.

♪♪ When someone says no, it’s a challenge, you know? If we list it as a barrier, in the barrier column, that sort of just stops us. And we have to list it on “This is a challenge, and I’ve got to find my way around it, over it, or under it,” but, you know, […]

Best Pet Bird Medicines For All Types of Diseases || [For Parrots , Parakeets & Other Pet Birds]

Video start karney seh pehele main yea bata detah hun ki main jo jo medicines ke barey main charcha karney wala hun ish video main, oh har ek pakshi peh kaam karrega, aur yea medicines sirf totey yaney parrots or parakeets ke liye nahi hai. Isliye ap inko har ek prajati ke pakshio ko de […]

Q&A! Homosexual Virgin? Eating GROCERY’s?

sup guys what’s up we’re almost 10 subscribers away from you so please if you new in a subscribe button give it a like leave a comment let me know how you’re doing so without further ado Q&A video I posted stuff all on every social media that I had for you guys to ask […]

Monovision patient Amanda shares her Griffin & Reed Eye Care experience | Sacramento Ophthalmology

Amanda Wright, I’m a management analyst for a public agency I recently had Monovision [LASIK] performed by Dr. Kim. Well, I’ve been wearing contact lenses for many years; I’ve been in glasses since I was 13 years old. And my so severely nearsighted—I was legally blind—I couldn’t drive without glasses. And I become so reliant […]