Why is talk important for pupils’ learning? | Talk Education Partnership

Mostly what I understand of the importance of talking at school, like for us for the children it helps us to bring out our views, the challenges we face at school, and as we talk we talk to our teachers and they also they feel pain when we tell them and they also help us […]

Glaucoma Requires Ongoing Care and Testing

(bright music) – You can be born with glaucoma, so of course there’s a pediatric population with glaucoma. And then the more common glaucoma patient tends to be older. I have people who are in their 30s with glaucoma, and there are people in their 90s with glaucoma. It’s a chronic disease, so once someone […]

The Invisible Diseases We Classify As Eating Disorders, An Interview With Libby Parker #OSFED

welcome to conscious life spaces conversations podcast my name is Amy Adams and I’m your guide on this journey today recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Libby Parker she is not your average nutritionist she has her master’s degree and is a registered dietitian join us today as we discuss the sometimes […]

Casting Curses and Love Spells with the Most Powerful Witches in Romania

I have always been fascinated by witches women whose reputable power was so feared 100s of thousands were killed in the great European witch hunt But in Romania, the homeland of Dracula and superstition, witchcraft has not only survived. It’s very much alive and well So I’m heading there to learn about witches and how […]

How to Build Customer Loyalty with Brand Intimacy (CxOTalk #354)

Brand loyalty, customer experience, but how do we create brand loyalty? That’s our topic on CXOTalk. Mario Natarelli is the managing director of MBLM. He wrote a book called Brand Intimacy. MBLM is an independent interdisciplinary agency. We are headquartered in New York City and we have offices in seven countries. My role here is […]

Why the Deadly Asbestos Industry is Still Alive and Well

The asbestos industry is able to thrive in Russia because very little attention is given to human rights or civil rights. Putin really basically runs the show one might ask what is the future of asbestos production in use as long as There’s profit to be made and officials to be bribed, this will continue […]

Can the U.S. and China Survive Without Each Other? (w/ Stephen Roach & Grant Williams)

GRANT WILLIAMS: Professor Roach, welcome to Real Vision. It’s great to have you with us. STEPHEN ROACH: Thank you. It’s a pleasure. Heard a lot about you guys. GW: Well, we’ll try and prove it, all the good parts, true in the next hour or so. The subject I have is China. We’ve had a […]

Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman

To me, God is cold. You could say that I think of the cold as a noble force. It’s just helping me. It’s training me. It’s bringing me back to the inner nature the way it was meant to be. And there’s a way I do not only endure, the cold, I love the cold.>>We […]

Billie Eilish Gets Candid About Tourette Syndrome

We’re back with Billie Eilish. And so you’ve got huge– I mean, like you’ve got fans that are Julia Roberts, Sam Smith, Thom Yorke. Dave Grohl is here. He’s a huge fan of yours. You know, I mean, like you have major people that are fans of yours. It’s unreal. It’s crazy because, like, I […]

Astigmatism and Cataracts: Advanced Laser Surgery Available

(upbeat music) – Astigmatism is when your eye, rather than being shaped like a basketball, is shaped more like a football, and what that means is that images are stretched in a certain direction. This is something that most patients wear glasses for and are able to compensate with the glasses that they wear. The […]