Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma Aqueous humor is produced by the ciliary body and flows out of the posterior chamber, along the lens and iris, through the pupil, and into the anterior chamber where it is mostly drained through the trabecular meshwork and into Schlemm’s Canal, located in the Iridocorneal angle. Resistance arising within the channel […]


MARK MALKOFF: How’s it going, guys? Thank you for checking out my new video, “Free Cab Rides.” 14 hours in a cab was an amazing feat. Even more amazing, I found a cab driver whose name I could actually pronounce. I felt good about doing my part to help beautify New York City, namely by […]

University of Auckland Optometry c/o 2012 – End of Year Skit + Music Video

When I test your eyes, you need 6/12 so you can drive I know you like to peep, I use a cover paddle so you can’t cheat To try save time, read the first letter of each line Give a pinhole to get more lines, VA improves now that’s a good sign If you’re hyperopic, […]

Kriisikanava Ikänäkö – Channel crisis Presbyopia

Hi from channel crisis! I like to know what´s goin´on and happening at all times. I´m one those they call hipster. And now as we all know, it´s really stylish to wear eyeglasses eaven if you don´t really need them for seing things better. Just for the looks! So I thought I´ll try on which […]