What you need to know about pediatric glaucoma

Jalen Chase Powell has glaucoma. He’s 5. Seems a little young for that. In some kids, very uncommonly, the drain of the eye, the natural drain of the eye, doesn’t form correctly. It clogs up and doesn’t drain properly causing the pressure to go up. It’s called pediatric glaucoma and while uncommon it can be […]

Why Do We Have Eyebrows?

♪ Hey, Squeaks! I have a great idea. I’m going to show you a feeling, like happy or sad, and you have to guess what I’m thinking of, without me saying a word. Got it? [Squeaks squeaks] Do you know what feeling I’m thinking of? [Squeaks squeaks] You’re right — I’m pretending to be scared! […]

Grant Comer, MD – Video Profile

– So my patient care philosophy, I very much subscribe to the Golden Rule. I wanna treat the patient as I would wanna be treated myself and kindness is one of the very top things that I wanna convey to my patients. I don’t care who the patient is, how much money they have or […]

Glaucoma: Estudio en Modelos Animales – www.cedepap.tv

Oubre Medical Goes to McAllen

Hello to the people of the Valley and McAllen and surrounding areas. My name is Doctor Philip Oubre. I’m a functional medicine practitioner here in Austin, and I plan to make a trip to the valley at least every three months to see patients and offer a different perspective on health and wellness that you’ve […]

Bilberry Juice Health Benefits

Amazing Health Benefits of Bilberry Juice Bilberry Juice Helps in the Treatment of UTI and Kidney Stones. Rich Antioxidant. Bilberry Juice is Good for Eye Health. Anthocyanosides.

Growing up with arthritis: Simon’s journey to finding a career

My name is Simon. I’m 21, I’m at university and I have got juvenile idiopathic arthritis. My Mum had arthritis, but a different type so it was osteoarthritis I was three at the time and she noticed that one toe and one finger were starting to look a little bit miss-formed so she took me […]

Dr. Kyari – Part II – Light for the World and Glaucoma

(Interviewer) How do you think this programme that Light for the World is implementing will contribute to overcoming this problem of glaucoma in sub-Saharan Africa? (Dr. Kyari) I think it is fantastic because NGOs have not really been looking into glaucoma as a disease itself maybe even in the eye health programmes they focus on […]