Laser Trabeculoplasty [ALT, SLT, MLT] for Glaucoma

So why don’t we start with – (again well, I got these up here just to help us mentally categorize these things) so in terms of the non-invasive, enhancing procedures, laser Trabeculoplasty. Now argon laser Trabeculoplasty has been around for a few decades. Lasers have been available clinically for use in 1970s and argon Trabeculoplasty […]

Bilberry Juice Health Benefits

Amazing Health Benefits of Bilberry Juice Bilberry Juice Helps in the Treatment of UTI and Kidney Stones. Rich Antioxidant. Bilberry Juice is Good for Eye Health. Anthocyanosides.

Coping with Glaucoma

Ben: The best things in life? One of them is my work. I’ve always gotten a lot of satisfaction from that. And my family — they’re the most important thing. And baseball — oh, yes, baseball! The game has always been a big thing with me, especially now since my boy has begun to play. […]


There is an Ebola virus outbreak in west Africa affecting mainly 4 countries: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria. It all started in March of 2014. This is the largest outbreak since the Ebola was first discovered in 1976. This is James, and this is an Ebola virus belonging to the virus family Filovirus. The […]

Health Insights – Glaucoma

Glaucoma can be a complicated disease but a simple disease at the same time essentially it’s a disease of the optic nerve in the back of the eye and it’s a slowly progressive disease that causes irreversible damage When someone has glaucoma they actually don’t exhibit any symptoms so they don’t know that they have […]

Hear Jennifer Tell You Why She Loves What She Does

“Speaker 1: So my name is Jennifer Kielczewski and we’re at the National Institutes of Health, specifically in the National Eye Institute. We’re in the laboratory of immunology. So we work on the eye and specifically we work on uveitis which is an inflammatory eye disease. Anytime you have inflammation inside the eye specifically in […]

How to Treat Glaucoma : Glaucoma Natural Home Remedies – VitaLife Show Episode 191

Welcome to the VitaLife Show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring in this episode we’re talking all about glaucoma and natural home remedies how to treat it and also prevent it so glaucoma is an increase in pressure and this may damage the retina and the optic nerve at the back of the eye so it’s really […]


Good morning Doctor Briefly present to me your experience Well, I state two things: I was born nearsighted therefore my eyes were always uder doctors’ scrutiny in 2009 I was examined by the ophthalmologist that treated me for many years he was looking for symptoms of glaucoma the doctor found these symptoms of glaucoma, but […]

Medical Educational Video | Arthritis Society

[Music] I was 3 years old when I was diagnosed. I was diagnosed when I was 6. I was first diagnosed with arthritis when I was 12 years old, actually on my birthday. I was 13, in grade 8… I think I was 7, 8… yeah, 7, 8, around… Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, or JIA, affects […]