Good morning Doctor Briefly present to me your experience Well, I state two things: I was born nearsighted therefore my eyes were always uder doctors’ scrutiny in 2009 I was examined by the ophthalmologist that treated me for many years he was looking for symptoms of glaucoma the doctor found these symptoms of glaucoma, but […]

Medical Educational Video | Arthritis Society

[Music] I was 3 years old when I was diagnosed. I was diagnosed when I was 6. I was first diagnosed with arthritis when I was 12 years old, actually on my birthday. I was 13, in grade 8… I think I was 7, 8… yeah, 7, 8, around… Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, or JIA, affects […]

Hydrus Microstent for Glaucoma

This here’s the Hydrus™ Microstent. What this does is it’s a stent the goes through here the Trabecular Meshwork and stents open the Schlemm’s canal for a number of clock hours. It’s about the size of an eyelash and it scaffolds it open. Unlike the iStent, which just creates a little hole than just a […]

(Eng Sub)류마티스에 좋은 음식 바른 식사 습관 [7] 방부제 살충제 음식을 피하라 Principle of diet for Autoimmune Disease [7]

Cataract Surgery With Toric Intraocular Lens Implantation | Patient Testimonial

My name is Steven ***, I like to get around I like to try and exercise. And may not appear it but I do cycle and water aerobics. I alternate days I have both of my eyes worked on to remove the cataracts seven or eight years ago Dr. Karen Chao -who’s my optometrist, spoke […]

Sutura atraumática en pterigion – Dr. Andrés Rousselot

Atraumatic suture technique for autologous graft in pterygium surgery The following is a description of a variation in the technique for the autologous graft fixation designed to reduce disconfort while keeping the low costs of sutures against the higher prices of tissue adhesives. After the placement of nylon 10-0 perilimbar sutures (leaving long tails) a […]

Cyclophotocoagulation and Trabectome for Glaucoma

I have this one here – Cyclophotocoagulation is considered to be minimally invasive. So technically it fits in what we call them, “MIGS” criteria (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery). We may all recall the photocoagulation of the ciliary body that was done externally and it was a very painful procedure used only for end-stage glaucoma because […]

Southern Eye Center–Jeff Lafferty Corneal Inlay Patient

The KAMRA Inlay is the greatest thing that’s come along in the past twenty years. It is something that is going to allow people to finally throw away their reading glasses and get a corneal inlay and give them the ability to see their computer, their cell phone, also see distance without the loss of […]

Surgical Procedures For Glaucoma: Currently Available and Pending FDA Approvals

What we’re going to be talking about tonight is: What’s new in glaucoma surgery and you know glaucoma is really kind of the underdog of surgical treatment. We all hear about cataract surgery and femtosecond and even with retinal surgery — epiretinal membrane peeling and, there’s a lot that’s really sexy and exciting but glaucoma… […]